GRAND ILLUSION – Brand New World (2010)

After a four and a half year absence, swedens GRAND ILLUSION have decided to reunite and the boys also have a new album with the title “Brand New World” in the pipeline.
The band core of Anders Rydholm, Peter Sundell and Per Svensson are intact and guests on their new album are Gregg Bissonette, Tim Pierce, Mike Slamer, Danny Jacob, Roger Ljunggren and Kjell Klaesson.

“The core of GRAND ILLUSION started in 1986 (under the name Promotion) but in 2005 we needed a break and to work with other people to develop as musicians.
A lot of things has happened during the four years since the break up but now we all felt that it was time to get back together, have fun and make some great music.
We have never before worked so hard on any album.
Just having legends like Gregg on drums and Tim and Danny on guitar solos feels like magic.
The band formula with strong melodies and over the top vocals are the same”, says Rydholm.

In April 2009 Rydholm flew to Los Angeles to record drums with Gregg Bissonette in WoodCliff Studios, Sherman Oaks.
During two intense days, Rydholm, Bissonette and engineer Frank Rosato recorded the drums and the foundation for the new Grand Illusion record.
In the lunch on the second day they were talking about favourite guitar players and one thing led to another and before the lunch had ended, Tim Pierce was booked for a guitar session two days later.
Mike Slamer is another guitar legend that guests on this new album.
Roger Ljunggren played the majority of the solos on the previous album “View From The Top” and we are very pleased that he once again helps us out with a couple of solos.


Anders Rydholm – all rhythm guitars, bass, keyboards
Peter Sundell – lead and background vocals
Per Svensson – lead and background vocals

Gregg Bissonette – drums
Tim Pierce – guitar solos
Danny Jacob – guitar solos
Mike Slamer – guitar solo on “157th Breakdown”
Roger Ljunggren – guitar solo on “Sacrifice” & “Playing with fire”
Tony Carlsson – guitar solo on “Moment of truth”
Kjell Klaesson – acoustic guitar on “Forever with you”
Arlene Matza-Jackson – Lyrics

01 – Never find her alone
02 – All out of love
03 – 157th breakdown
04 – Emily
05 – I’m Alive
06 – Burning bed
07 – Brand new world
08 – Evil and pain
09 – Warning signs
10 – Playing with fire
11 – Sacrifice
12 – Forever with you


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    muy buen cd!!!!

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