TERRA NOVA – Come Alive (2010)

Dutch rockers Terra Nova were quite the phenom in the Nineties with 3 powerful releases that captured the attention of Europe and Japan.
After a brief demise, the band made a come-back in 2005 with “Escape”, welcomed with great critical and public acclaim.

Now, the band returns with their brand new recording: “Come Alive”.
The opener and title track storms onto the scene with an engaging riff and propelling rhythm.
The ‘na-nas’ and staccato guitar of “Holy Grail” will make a lot of melodic rockers tap their foot, and “Here Comes The Night” hits all the right buttons for a midtempo ballad, the guitar solo sounds beautifully full-bodied, you can nearly hear the type of timber used.

With its ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ baseline, “Who Can You Count On” has a groovy vibe and an even better chorus.
“My Own Way” has a bit of an unusual verse, but it leads into one of the catchiest choruses on the record.
Finally, if you are a sucker for gushy, over the top piano ballads, be sure to check out “Those Eyes” and “The Final Curtain” – they’d make even Jonathan Cain cry.

This album sounds great. There’s great separation between the instruments. Keyboards and guitars are loud and distinct.
Fred Hendrix is an enormously talented vocalist custom built for AOR / MR.

Terra Nova are back for real with a fantastic album that sounds powerful and melodic all the way.
Don’t miss one of the highlights of the season.

01 – Come Alive
02 – Fighting Yourself
03 – Holy Grail
04 – Here Comes The Night
05 – Those Eyes
06 – Under Pressure
07 – Do Or Die
08 – Who Can You Count On
09 – My Own Way
10 – The Final Curtain

Fred Hendrix – Vocals
Gesuino Derosas – Guitars
Lars Beuving – Drums
Ron Hendrix – Keyboards
Eric Coenen – Bass

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