GOODBYE THRILL – Outrageous (2010)


Having released a couple of phenomenally received albums, GOODBYE THRILL is back with a very good Melodic Rock plate.

The sound has some of Firehouse’s FM/radio rock friendliness mixed in with a bit of 90’s vibe a la Harem Scarem.
If you want catchy choruses and huge backing vocals, it won’t take you but one listen before you are singing along with the guys.
One of the impressive features of this album is that the songs are so strong and classy, and as we roll from one track to the next, your hunger pangs get worse waiting for the next morsel.

From exciting rockers like “Black Book”, “Disposable” and “Outrageous,” to mid-pacers blockbusters like “Talk About It” and “Work It Out”, the band manages to keep us hooked with their great sense of melody.

Production quality is nothing short of major label and there isn’t one song on the album that couldn’t be a potential radio single.

01. Black Book
02. Bride To Be
03. Scumbag
04. Talk About It
05. Disposable
06. Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
07. Outrageous
08. Case Of Mondays
09. So Unpredictable
10. Work It Out
11. You’re My Cure

Marc Ferreira: vocals, guitars, acoustic guitars
Dario Seixas: bass, vocals
Chuck Beckman: guitars, vocals
Alex Ferreira: drums, percussion, vocals
Dave Powers: guitar solo on “Work It Out”


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