RANSOM – Better Days (2010)

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“Better Days” is the new release from RAMSOM, the melodic rock duo featuring Tommy Girvin and Don Cromwell.

Cromwell is a professional producer/songwriter/musician based in Los Angeles.

From 1983 through 1987, Don toured as the bass player with the renowned pop group AIR SUPPLY.

Following Air Supply, he has played bass with rock legend EDDIE MONEY, touring and recording with him over the next six years.

Tommy Girvin is the long-time lead guitar man of the Eddie Money band, was the guitar teacher of WARRANT’s guitarist Joey Allen, and has also been writing for film and television.

In the past, as a trivia note, Girvin designed a logo for the band HEART.

In the mid-nineties, both formed the group Ransom, releasing an album in Europe and Japan entitled “Trouble in Paradise”.

The CD was well received, getting two tracks charting on Germany’s Melodic Rock Traxx top 100.

With their new album ‘Better Days’, the guys return with a good song collection.

It’s obvious that the tunes come from the 80’s (Classic Rock mixed with Melodic Rock / AOR), not too far from their former boss Eddie Money or earlier Bryan Adams style.

Crunchy pieces such as “Better Days”, “Best Is Yet To Come” and “Party Life” to melancholy ballads as “Learn To Be Alone” and “In My Dreams”.

Written, produced and recorded by themselves.

Overall a good solid effort, that perfectly proof they’re awaken memories on ‘better days’ of the music business.

01 – Better Days

02 – Stay With Me Tonight

03 – Learn To Be Alone

04 – Heaven Knows

05 – Oh Life

06 – Best Is Yet To Come

07 – Party Life

08 – Calm Before The Storm

09 – High And Mighty

10 – Love In Vain

11 – In My Dreams

Tommy Girvin – Guitar & Vocals

Don Cromwell – Bass, Keyboards


Rock Hampton – Drums

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