KERRY ELLIS – Anthems (2010)


A voice in a million… Kerry is the most exciting singer to emerge from England in a very long time” – Brian May
That’s the verdict of QUEEN founding member Brian May, on the sensational singing of Kerry Ellis.

Already hailed as one of the most thrilling vocal talents on today’s West End stage, Kerry’s voice is soon to reach far beyond the theatre with her eagerly awaited debut album “Anthems”, masterminded by Brian May.
It was May who ‘talent-spotted’ Kerry when she understudied for Martine McCutcheon in My Fair Lady.
He quickly snapped her up to star in the Queen musical We Will Rock You, almost nine years ago, and it was in between rehearsals and performances that the two of them found the time to begin work on some new ideas.

May says:
From the moment I first heard Kerry sing, I was entranced, and felt the conviction that I would one day make her album. The conviction never left me.
The hard thing was to find the right medium to harness that amazing voice – the material and arrangements had to be worthy, and a musical style evolved to capture her unique magic

The collaboration continued all through the following years in which Brian did two world tours with Queen, and Kerry starred in Les Miserables, Miss Saigon, and finally Wicked.
The combination of these two great musical talents now results in one of the most original and exciting collaborations in recent years.

Infused with the distinctive sound of May’s legendary guitar-playing, plus some of Rock’s heaviest drummers, and full orchestra, arranged by May and Steve Sidwell, ‘Anthems’ is a large-scale epic so individual that it “might define a new area in music – a kind of Anthemic-Orchestral-Rock-Musical-Theatre-Fusion” (May).

“Dangerland” is haunting and melodic. The guitar (showing eastern tones, I felt, reminiscent of Queen’s “It’s A Beautiful Day”) forming a counterpoint to Kerry’s lead, Brian’s guitar like an extra voice, in duet, throughout. You could almost imagine how Freddie would sound, singing this …. very ‘Queen’. Gloriously spine-tingling.
“Defying Gravity” has big drums and the beautiful guitar of May dominating the scene. Epic Song.
Brilliant midtempo in “I’m Not that Girl”, with the typical tasty Brian guitar tone.
“Love It When You Call” is an infectious rocker with a great riff.
And then the QUEEN covers: “Save Me” and “No-One But You” featuring magnificient orchestrations.

With a track listing that boasts new arrangements of songs from Wicked (Defying Gravity, I’m Not That Girl) and classic music by Queen (Save Me, No One But You), “Anthems” is sure to transcend genres and establish Kerry Ellis as not only an unforgettable stage actress, but also as a recording artist who is redefining musical boundaries.

01 – Dangerland *
02 – Anthem
03 – I Can’t Be Your Friend (This Can’t Be Over) *
04 – Defying Gravity
05 – I’m Not That Girl
06 – You Have To Be There
07 – Love It When You Call
08 – Save Me *
09 – Diamonds Are Forever
10 – No-One But You (Only The Good Die Young) *
11 – I Loved A Butterfly *

Kerry Ellis: Lead & Backing Vocals
Brian May: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals, Songwriting *
Roger Taylor: Drums (10)
Rufus Taylor (Roger’s son): Drums (6,7,8,9)
John Miceli: Drums (1,2,3)
Taylor Hawkins: Drums (4,5)
Chris Chaney: Bass (5)

Produced by Brian May


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  1. Anonymous says:

    she is AMAZING
    she do All voice for you
    it's a "Queen"
    Thnks for share always Great music


  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent indeed.
    Has all the QUEEN feel in it.

    Thanks for the music

  3. Anonymous says:

    It's amazing!!!!
    thanx for sharing!!

    A must have on my collection. I hope I can get it in my country.

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