LINE OF FIRE – Momentum (2010)

This seems like an odd title for the second LINE OF FIRE album. Momentum is exactly what the US-based melodic rock band lost in the five years since their well-received self-titled debut was released. Of course, the delay is understandable, given that guitarist/keyboardist/songwriter Nikki Dimage was sidelined for two years with cancer.
Now healthy and once again focused on LINE OF FIRE, Dimage and vocalist Shawn Pelata (recently active with LIBERTY N JUSTICE) are back with another well written, brilliantly executed slice of melodic rock.

For those of you who missed the band’s debut, Line Of Fire plays a brand of melodic rock that’s influenced by classic bands like JOURNEY, BOSTON and FOREIGNER, but has a modern energy and precision that rivals European bands like KHYMERA and BROTHER FIRETRIBE.

The band seems to acknowledge their long absence up front, with the appropriately titled “It Takes Time” which was written by Nikki Dimage in the mid eighties and sounds a lot like JOURNEY.
After that comes the very catchy “Obsession”, which is the album’s first single.
In the fleeting “Give Me All” SCORPIONS come to mind, particularly in the guitar work.
“I Belong” features a magnificent keyboard orchestration, while “The Fire Never Dies” has a killer chorus.
There are two mid-tempo hybrid ballad/rockers: “I’ll Be The One Tonight” and “I’m Crying For You”, which showcase the band’s softer side, just as effective as their harder rockin’ side.
‘Undone’ is another tune with Pelata standing out, shades of TED POLEY filter through on this one.
The STREET TALK – sounding ballad “Ghost In Your Heart” is another song that seems made for AOR radio.

The whole album is just packed with catchy melodies, great guitar hooks, and some very impressive vocals.
Pelata sounds absolutely incredible here. His vocal range and control seem to have grown measurably since the debut, and he gives these songs an additional measure of both power and heart.
The vocal harmonies in particular are just gorgeous. And if that weren’t enough, the album is impeccably produced, mixed and mastered.

‘Momentum’ is one of the absolute best melodic rock albums released this year, and proof positive that the Europeans don’t have a monopoly on high quality melodic rock / AOR.
With any luck, the band will stay healthy and this album will prove successful enough to regain that lost momentum.

01. It Takes Time
02. Obsession
03. Give Me All
04. I’ll Be The One Tonight
05. I Belong
06. The Fire Never Dies
07. I’m Crying For You
08. In The Stone
09. Undone
10. Ghost In Your Heart

Nikki Dimage: Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Bass
Shawn Pelata: Lead & Backing Vocals
Thomas Clark: Lead & Rhythm Guitars

Additional Players:
Ed Darst: add. Guitars
Eric Welch, Cliff Paul: Bass
Justin Collins, Jeremy Thomas: Drums

Produced: Jamie King & Line Of Fire


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