THE STORM (Kristina Nichols) – Sweet Surrender (first time on CD)

THE STORM Sweet Surrender

THE STORM‘s “Sweet Surrender” is possibly one of the best unreleased female fronted AOR albums featuring the sensational vocals from Kristina Nichols, a renowned session vocalist who has did backing vocals on major productions like Vince Neil’s “Exposed”, Audrey Landers’ “Secrets”, Timothy B. Schmit, etc.
Recorded during the apogee of the genre at the late ’80s but inexplicably shelved, now sees the light of day one of the most sought after recordings on the planet… The Storm!

We all know that the best Melodic Rock and AOR was recorded in the 80s and early 90s and this release is no exception. Quite simply, this is a pure AOR – Melodic Rock gem.
Fronted by the golden vocal pipes of Kristina Nichols and complemented very nicely by the talent of keyboardist / vocalist Karen Childs as well as seasoned session musicians Joe Palmeri , Tad Dery and David Logeman , The Storm is a Melodic Rock lovers dream.

How this band escaped a major deal is bewildering. Every song is a bonafide hit and many of these were even covered by other bands of the era including Mark Free.
These songs are plenty of massive hooks, killer vocals, tasty guitars and plenty of rich keyboard work.

I’m sure you will agree this is fantastic material and easily one of the best female-fronted AOR releases ever, on par with Witness, Saraya and Heart.


01 – Leave Well Enough Alone
02 – I’ll Be Lovin’ You
03 – Hold On
04 – Keep This Love Alive
05 – Sweet Surrender
06 – Do You Wanna Know
07 – Walk The Line
08 – Broken
09 – The Last Time
10 – Someone To Love

Kristina Nichols – Vocals
Karen Childs – Keys
Joe Palmeri – Guitar
Tad Dery – Bass
David Logeman – Drums


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