FALLING RED – Shake The Faith (2010)

FALLING RED Shake The Faiths

FALLING RED may have a fairly contemporary sounding name, but calling your album “Shake The Faith” is a pretty naked nod to the fading glamour of big-budget cock-rock and poodle-metal as it staggered into the early nineties.
Lucky for them, then, that the packaging matches the product this time out.

You know where you are right from the outset, as ‘Shake The Faith’ opens with stadium reverb on the drums, Slash-esque riffs and flourishes.
You’ve sleazy road-house rawk’n’roll with gang choruses about predatory women, generous bartenders, and all the frontman swagger and excess of the eighties.
Falling Red aren’t saturday evening family entertainment, they are a glimpse back to the heady, rebellious days (or daze) ’80s Sunset Strip life-style.
Songs such as “How You Feel (on me)”, “Out Of Control” or “You Were Out To Get Me” are screaming to hit Rock Radio’s playlists.
This four piece band should be really hot live, and in upcoming shows they are confirmed supporting Sebastian Bach (ex Skid Row) on stage.

While comparing “Shake The Faith” to Guns N’ Roses “Appetite…” is a bit of a long stretch, it’s worth remembering that sleaze-rock as a retro genre surprisingly difficult to do well, and Falling Red are doing a decent job of it here.
This album breaks no new ground in the genre but what it does is lay down the foundation of what could become quite a legacy for this band that has a bright future. Their hearts are obviously in this.
They aren’t just being ‘retro’ for the sake of being retro and don’t become a parody of the scene.
This group has the charisma, energy, riffs and sneering attitude that it takes to ascend to the top of the sleaze rock trash heap.

So if you like super-charged high octane dirty anthems in the vein of Crashdiet, Sebastian Bach or Guns N’ Roses go out now, buy it, support this band, ’cause it’s a refreshing piece of classic ’80s retro-rock you all need to hear.

01 – How You Feel (on Me)
02 – Thrive
03 – Out of Control
04 – You Were Out to Get Me
05 – Sue You for Your Soul
06 – Immoral Heights of a Lowlife
07 – No Good, So Wrong, So Right
08 – Shake the Faith

Rozey – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Shane Kirk – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Millsy – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dave Sanders – Drums, Backing Vocals


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  1. Anonymous says:

    this a kickass album!
    hot n' raw

    Thank Youuuu

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