DIRTY PASSION – Different Tomorrow (2010)

DIRTY PASSION - Different Tomorrow
includes bonus track

DIRTY PASSION is a Swedish Malmö based rock band formed in 2006 by members Emil Ekbladh (vocals), Christopher Olsson (guitar), Bjorn Wilander (bass), and Markus Winberg (drums).
The group released a couple of promo singles and toured with – and played support act to – bands like Saxon, YT and Towers of London and in early 2010 they supported Faster Pussycat and Enuff Z’Nuff for a month long European tour, playing 22 concerts in seven different countries.
In October 2010 the band signed a record deal with an independent label to release their debut album “Different Tomorrow”.

Emil Ekbladh: “Most of the songs from ‘Different Tomorrow’ were written just before we got signed and recorded right afterwards.
We spent three weeks recording the disc in Malmö’s Berno Studio; a studio that has produced a great number of well-known rock and metal acts.
The album was mixed and processed using a lot of analogue equipment, which gives the recordings a great warmth and presence. Each instrument feels more alive.
No one does this anymore, now that almost everything is digital.
We’re really proud of the result and I’m sure fans of classic hard rock will love the album”

Dirty Passion describe their music as classic melodic hard rock, heavily influenced by the old school bands from the 1980’s.
I must agree the sound of Dirty Passion is in this range, musically they have pointers towards bands as Y & T, Europe, April Wine and the like.
But also a contemporary scandi influence is evident as they remind me bands like Amaze Me or Dreamhunter.

Emil Ekbladh is a good vocalist with a very nice tone, and his delivery suits the music very well. He really sounds like Joey Tempest.
Guitarist Christopher Olsson is a splendid player; check out guitar solo on “A Trip To Paradise”.
There are some instant songs on the album, like “1.000.000 Voices” and “Liar” that stick from point one. After a few spins I find myself singing along, and this obviously means they have done something right.
This is the kind of music we grew up with and it still holds up.
The 80’s was about having a good time. Dirty Passion brings back the fun and also reintroduces great hard rock melodic rock songs. Just listen to the 80’s slam dunk rocker “Rockin’ In The Night” with that cow bells.

“Different Tomorrow” doesn’t disappoint.
Bear in mind that this is an indie debut and of course the band sounds a bit green at times. The production could be better also.
However, Dirty Passion has so many great things going for them.
First and foremost the band has penned some really strong songs for this debut.
It has become a solid album full of hard rockin’ riffing and melodic solos, cool hooks and positive attitude.
The ’80s are back and Dirty Passion is a much welcomed band to the scene.

01 – This Is The Way
02 – 1,000,000 Voices
03 – Rockin’ In The Night
04 – Different Tomorrow
05 – A Trip To Paradise
06 – Self-Destructive
07 – Liar
08 – We’re All Gonna Fall
09 – Selling Your Soul
10 – Without You
11 – D.O.A. (bonus track)

Emil Ekbladh – Vocals
Christopher Olsson – Guitar
Björn Wilander – Bass
Markus Winberg – Drums & Percussion

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