M.ILL.ION – Sane And Insanity (2011)

MILLION Sane And Insanity 2011

M.ILL.ION is celebrating now 20 years in the music business.
It was their very first album entitled ‘No 1’ that secured M.ILL.ION’s reputation and found them justifiably labeled as ‘Sweden’s Finest’.
The Gothenburg quintet have its largest market in the country of the rising sun, where this form of European Hard Rock has always been appreciated.
The hard rocking debut album went top thirty in Japan but it was when they released their second album ‘We, Ourselves and Us’ in 1995 that their now familiar melodic rock sound really began to develop.

While their early work has a more classic melodic hard rock sound influenced from Whitesnake, Rainbow or DIO, since 2000 the swedes put on it a lot of toughness and heavyness.
“Sane And Insanity” however contains more tub thumping rock than its predecessors and is stronger as a result.
This album will please not only their heavy-rock fan base, but also anyone who loves straight melodic rock music.
It is hard driven yet catchingly written, well structured and extremely well produced. All in all it is M.ILL.ION at their familiar best.

After a climatic intro, the album opens with the hard hitting “Cry To Heaven” that somehow lodges itself in your mind and proves difficult to shift.
Stand out moments include “Everyday Hero”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “I Raise My Glass”, “Hate”, the awesome mid-tempo title track and the absolutely melodic winner “Fuel To My Heart”, all of which possess the undeniable M.ILL.ION trademark of impossible catchy choruses and riff heavy rock.
This is a band that can write radio friendly rock for the fun of it and these tracks are exactly that – potential airplay regulars.

“Sane And Insanity” is the best M.ILL.ION album to date.
They have returned to the classic and more commercial sound and songwriting, still retaining the power and melody.
The new guitarist Andreas Grövle does an exceptional job adding a new dimension to the band playing high quality solos and excellent riffing.
Also the new keyboard player (Angelo Modafferi from Australia) brings back to the group the subtle Hammond organ sound, giving the songs a vintage feel.
Production is top notch thanks to the expert hands of the new guru in this matter: Martin Kronlund.
This is a strong and melodic M.ILL.ION fare, laden with catchy hooks and melodic choruses that should please any Melodic Hard Rock fan.

01 – Sea Of Fate (Intro)
02 – Cry To Heaven
03 – Everyday Hero
04 – Tomorrow Never Dies
05 – I Raise My Glass
06 – Sane And Insanity
07 – Hell’s Gate
08 – Under Your Wings
09 – Fuel To My Heart
10 – Drama Queens
11 – Test Of Time
12 – Hate
13 – Seize The Day

Ulrich Carlsson : Vocals
Andreas Grövle : Guitars
B.J. Laneby : Bass
Angelo Modafferi : Keyboards, Synths, Hammond
Per Westergren : Drums


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