ELECTRIC BOYS – And Them Boys Done Swang (2011)

TOD HOWARTH Opposite Gods

Japan edition + 3 bonus

Sweden’s Electric Boys were one of the first and most celebrated purveyors of the short-lived funk-metal phenomenon of the late ’80s and early ’90s.

The quartet garnered rave reviews and built an impressive following in Europe & America. Their creative juices were also quickly spent, causing the band to disintegrate into obscurity after only three albums.

After a successful 2009 ‘Best Of’ release, the band decided to reunite and they’re back with “And Them Boys Done Swang”.

Well, the swedes are better than ever, with smokin’ hot new tunes packed with tons of melodies and groovy riffs.

The boys sure prove they mean business already in rock-out-smash-in-your-face rocker opener “Reeferlord”. Halfway through the song the add some of the old heavy riff funk vibe to the mix as well.

The good old rockin’ funky vibe continues in second track “My Heart’s Not For Sale”. The great heavy and fat production helps elevate it even further.

Of course the trademark Beatlesquey vibe previously heard into the band’s earlier albums makes an entrance here as well. This one has an equally dope induced title “Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters”. Sure they were oysters? Not mushrooms? The track sure has some hit potential without being wimpy.

Another one is “Ten Thousand Times Goodbye”, which is more of a ballad type song in the Cheap Trick style. Great melody and magic chorus.

It’s however when they rock out my feet get going. One prime example is the Zeppelin meets Aerosmith rocker “The House Is Rockin´”. Check Sigevall’s Bonham-style drumming. The band is tight and well-oiled, this track seems taken from Aerosmith’s ‘Draw The Line’ album! Great, great swing.

Another outstanding funky rocker with a simple, heavy and crushing riff is “Welcome To The High Times”, a track that you just can’t sit still to. Catchy and groovy.

“Sometimes U Gotta Go Look For The Car” is just a fun jammin’ tune with a ponderous riff and a live feel.

“The Days The Gypsies Came To Town” has a cool intro/guitar riff and a really retro late ’60s / early ’70s bluesy vibe with some ballsy bass playing from Crystell.

“Rollin´ Down The Road” is another prime example of the E. Boys delivering strong, fat and effective riffs, adding a great melodic chorus. One of the strongest tracks of the album.

The disc ends at really high note with up-tempo rocker “A Mother Of A Love Story” which has a truly Kiss-inspired chorus. This is a socks-off track with a driving guitar and killer rhythm section.

This japanese version is packed with 3 meaty bonuses.

“Chickalicious” has again a ’70’s Aerosmith feel. The song is a real punchy rocker featuring a sticky riff and a wonderful retro drum sound.

I really like the swampy tone of “Down On Shakin’ Street” with its catchy rhythm and hot guitar soloing.

“Nowhere To Go But Up” is a take-no-prisoners heavy funk rocker on steroids. What a groovy tune. Pure Electric Boys at its best.

“And Them Boys Done Swang” is a surprisingly return album from the Electric Boys, proving that the boys don’t get older, some just lose their curls or at least cut them a bit shorter. But they didn’t lost the fire or the ability to wrote some killer tunes.

To be honest I’m not really sure what my expectations were for this reunion album from the Swedish funk ‘o metal combo, but they sure as hell were exceeded.

01 – Reeferlord

02 – My Heart’s Not For Sale

03 – Father Popcorn’s Magic Oysters

04 – Angel In An Armoured Suit

05 – Ten Thousand Times Goodbye

06 – The House Is Rockin’

07 – Welcome To The High Times

08 – Sometimes U Gotta Go Look For the Car

09 – Put Your Arms Around Me

10 – The Day The Gypsies Came To Town

11 – Rollin Down The Road

12 – A Mother Of A Love Story

13 – Chickalicious (bonus track)

14 – Down On Shakin’ Street (bonus track)

15 – Nowhere To Go But Up (bonus track)

Conny Bloom : Lead Vocals, Guitars

Franco Santunione : Guitars, Backing Vocals

Andy Christell : Bass, Backing Vocals

Niclas Sigevall : Drums



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