FERREIRA – Better Run!!! (2010)

FERREIRA - Better Run!!! (2010)<br />

Songwriter/singer/guitarist/producer Marco Ferreira has been busy over the last four years between his solo two projects and efforts with french band Venturia and american rockers Goodbye Thrill.

But he has found time to recording “Better Run!!!”, the man’s 3rd solo album that sees finnish guitarist Patrick Sebastian, his brother Alex Ferreira on drums and Gus Monsanto on bass joining Marco.

“Better Run!!!” is a blend of soothing Hard Rock and classic Hard ‘N Heavy aggression, from the faster paced songs that really drive the album into a catchy, somewhat adrenaline-fueled world, to the softer ballad material, this release has something for everyone.

One listen to the introductory chords for “Secret Damned Society” will set the pace for much of the album, knocking things up a few notches above your traditional Hard Rock song with the more melodic guitar and keyboards that accompany it all, besides the really clean vocals.

“Set My Devils Free” has more rippin’ guitars, in the Zakk Wylde style. The music on this song is great and often plays with you emotionally thanks to the vocal performance and how somber the music is.

“Knocking On My Door” is cool song that merges ballady with with traditional european melodic rock, very calm but with substance.

Title track “Better Run” features some clever arrangements, with a sound very ‘american’ circa 1990-91.

“Rule In Self Defense” change things up a bit with an unusual rhythm section can-alike and some Queensryche vibe into the song structure. Good and original.

“Rescue Me (Will You Be Ready)” is a semi-midtempo melodic rocker where the clean vocals shine like a diamond. The guitar tone on the solo is great.

Classic hard rock returns with “Crucified” and its aggressive riff, but the chorus is melodic and very well arranged. The vocals are gated somehow and sounds pretty different than the rest of the album.

“Trust The Enemy” doesn’t quite work with the rest of the album. High doses of distortion and gritty vocals. Seems Marco is searching for a wide audience, metallians will love this one. Well done, just not my style.

“History We Make” close the album nicely, an eclectic sounding track with some additional vocal effects and ‘spacial’ guitars.

“Better Run!!!” is a highly enjoyable disc, varied in style and sound.

There are loads of good tracks, and big portions of the album are massively catchy, boasting big harmonies, cool hooks and great musicianship.

Marco Ferreira is a good singer and an imaginative songwriter in this genre, if you never heard of him before, then this album is the best start.

01 – Secret Damned Society

02 – Set My Devils Free

03 – I Want Out

04 – Knocking On My Door

05 – Better Run!!!

06 – Rule In Self Defense

07 – Rescue Me (Will You Be Ready)

08 – Crucified

09 – Trust The Enemy

10 – History We Make

Marco Ferreira – Vocals, Guitars

Patrick Sebastian – Guitars

Gus Monsanto – Bass

Alex Ferreira – Drums



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