SAHARA RAIN – Eternity (2011)

SAHARA RAIN Eternity 2011

Sahara Rain is a Swiss six-piece band formed in 2007, including two lead guitars: Dave Silhanek and Adi Honegger.
As individuals all the band members (Ricci Domenico on vocals, Bo Rebsamen on keyboards, Boet Dee Haas on bass and Levent Suni on drums, in addition to the two guitarists) have years of experience behind them.
That’s was clear on their very good 2009 debut ‘Sand In Your Hands’

Their brand new album “Eternity”, again, produced and co-written by Michael Bormann (JADED HEART), confirms the evolution of the band.
Better songwriting and more organic Melodic Rock sound are the rules here.
This is a self-produced disc but the production quality is terrific.

Extremely catchy songs as “Forever Young” and “Love Me Loud” or the monster chorused-filled “Will I Ever Be” and “Starlight” makes this album a mandatory listen for every Melodic Rock fan.
On “Heavy Times” and on the excellent sing-along midtempo “Dreams Die Young”, the band sounds like the best CASANOVA, while “Holy Warriors” and “Live Earth” have a strong JADED HEART influence.
There’s also space for a very good ballad; “Miss You” and an acoustic sweet piece; “Since You’ve Been Gone”, which close the album.

This band is much, much better than you realize after a first listen (at least, that happened to me).
Their songs are perfectly crafted into the classic, good Melodic Rock mould, and the musicianship, really really good.
Michael Bormann assembled all the elements with his great experience and magical touch, building a real monster sound, perfect to combine roaring guitars, soaring choruses, angelic keyboards and killer melodies into an unique top-notch quality result.
Support this band, they truly deserves recognition.
“Eternity” is a terrific MR album, that grows on you after each listen.
Great one.

01 – Heavy Times
02 – Forever Young
03 – Will I Ever Be
04 – Miss You
05 – Holy Warriors
06 – Love Me Loud
07 – Shout It Out
08 – Dreams Die Young
09 – Starlight
10 – Live Earth
11 – Since You’ve Been Gone

Ricci Domenico – vocals, backing vocals
Dave Silhanek – guitars
Adi Honegger – guitars
Bo Rebsamen – keyboards
Boet Dee Haas – bass
Levent Suni – drums
Michael Bormann – backing vocals

Produced by Michael Bormann & Gwyn Mathias

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