ELECTRIC MARY – Long Time Coming (2011)

ELECTRIC MARY - Long Time Coming (2011)

On a cold and wet New York day in April 2004, singer Rusty and guitar player Irwin Thomas were invited to take a walk thru musical history… a day in Electric Lady Studios.

Every band/musician that had ever sent a shiver down their spine had graced this studio.

Listening to the stories and events of the day had the lads in a rock’n’roll euphoria, it was time to go back to what made them want to play music in the first place; manic drums, loud guitars and melodies that will stay with you long after the last amp had been packed away.

Venom [drums], Pete Robinson [guitar] and Alex Raunjak [bass] completed the picture, and a new voice was added to a forgotten era: ELECTRIC MARY – Rock ‘N Roll the way it used to taste.

“Long Time Coming” is the fourth release from this Melbourne, Australia, based band.

Having spent the best part of the last three years criss crossing the globe supporting most of classic rock’s Gods: Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Glenn Hughes among others, the band is ready to deliver another energetic collection of Classic Rock.

Yes, Electric Mary plays Classic (Hard) Rock, with a classic format, upfront guitars but not ‘razor’ or processed, just valvular direct-to-the-amp rock ‘n roll.

The defining sound of “Long Time Coming” are the thunderous guitar riffs. But all spread with tons of melody.

Rusty has the perfect voice for this kind of music; raspy but well articulated and powerful when needed. Think Jeff Keith from Tesla.

In fact, Electric Mary sound a lot like Tesla and all the classic bands that influenced them, with a british / aussie touch.

“O.I.C” and “All Eyes On Me” have a smokin’ riff driving the songs into a vintage R ‘N R festival. Lots of wah-wah and guitar duels plus blasting, catchy drumming.

“Stained” and “Lies” have very nice bluesy structures, while “So Cruel” is a semi slow bar-rock with a great groove.

Last track “Nobody’s Perfect” has a tap footing rhythm, this is a guitar action track panned in stereo all over.

Electric Mary is a new band to me, so I have to investigate their previous albums, as “Long Time Coming” is a terrific good old school Rock ‘N Roll piece.

Great vocals, awesome melodic twin guitar duels and thunderous rhythm section are the motto here, and fine damn played for sure.

Remarkable is the vigorous production, really crispy and organic. These songs sound million bucks, trust me.

Smokin’ surprise, classic, as the band like to say: “Rock ‘N Roll the way it used to taste”.

Classic Rock is back.

“Long Time Coming” Rocks, and Rocks Good.

01 – O.I.C

02 – Stained

03 – So Cruel

04 – All Eyes On Me

05 – Lies

06 – Nobody’s Perfect

Rusty – Lead Vocals

Pete Robinson – Guitar and Vocals

Irwin Thomas – Guitar and Vocals

Alex Raunjak – Bass

Venom – Drums



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