KNOCK OUT KAINE – Set The Night On Fire (2011)

KNOCK OUT KAINE - Set The Night On Fire Kandy Kaine

Knock Out Kaine are from the Midlands region of the UK. They are a young four piece, consisting of Dean Foxx on vocals, Jimmy Bohemian on guitar, L F B on bass and drummer Danny Krash.
The band were voted best unsigned act of 2007/8 by Kerrang! and have recently finished a 22 date stint as support to ex-Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler’s band, Adler’s Appetite, throughout Europe and the UK.
In between, they have entered into the studio to record their first professional material, released in form of 2 EP’s.
This band has been tagged as Sleaze-Rock, honestly I can’t hear that style here.
Knock Out Kaine plays americanized ’80s Hard Rock influenced by many acts.

Their first EP released last year, “Kandy Kaine” includes 3 tracks.
Opener “Little Crystal” is a heavy guitar, drum pounding song with vocals as big as the guitars. Singing about a girl, telling the story of this girl, the way they did it in the ’80s. A typical rock love song. “My little Crystal, makes me feel fine.” As does this song.
Second track “Coming Home” is a slower, acoustic song. A strumming guitar sets the scene of a lonely touring life, while his girl is waiting back at home for his return. The slower pace, would have lighters in the air, and is a nice break from the heavy riffs, as the instruments kick in later in the track. This track displays the band’s maturity to wrote and perform this kind or R’N’R. Reminds me Slaughter here.
The final track on the EP, “Going Down” is another catchy song, full of more infectious guitar riffs. The way they build the chorus comes Trixter and alikes to mind.

The just published EP “Set The Night On Fire” starts with the title track, a big riff driven hard rocker with strong rhythm section. This song has some sleaze hints indeed, but without the ‘dirty’. A hard rock tune but polished and melodic, with a guitar solo in the ‘Slash-GNR’ style.
“Time” has a hard style too, but more bluesy. Here the band sounds really americanized, paying tribute to many of their influences, a pretty retro track.

Despite the members of Knock Out Kaine are still only in their 20s, they sound mature, professional, and have learned the eighties hard rock book perfectly.
Clearly they have forged a true chemistry as all the tracks on both EP’s are solid, well written and played with aplomb.
To sum up, this is very good material from an up and coming UK band and, hopefully, we’ll be hearing a lot more from Knock Out Kaine over the next year.
If american ’80s hard rock is your thing, don’t miss these EP’s.

Set The Night On Fire EP (2011)
1 – Set The Night On Fire
2 – Time

Kandy Kaine EP (2010)
1 – Little Crystal
2 – Coming Home
3 – Going Down (She Goes)

Dean Foxx – Lead Vocals
Jimmy Bohemian – Guitars
L F B – Bass
Danny Krash – Drums


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