MANRAZE – Punkfunkrootsrock (2011)

MANRAZE - Punkfunkrootsrock (2011)

Like a mixture of dangerous chemicals, equal parts guitarist extraordinaire, rudeboy rock drummer, and the righteous rhythms of a badass bass player and all together you have one hell of an explosive combination.
Add to this concoction the experience of selling 75 million records and the attitude that comes from being at the top of your game, and you’ve got MANRAZE.

This London-based rock band was formed by iconic lead guitarist Phil Collen of Def Leppard. The band members include veteran forerunner Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols on drums and Simon Laffy, rockin’ bass player of Collen’s former ’80s glam-band, Girl.
The long awaited and highly anticipated sophomore recording from this combo, titled “PunkFunkRootsRock” is finally here.

The album title refers to the members origins, not the style of music played here, so don’t be scared. This is basically a melodic rock / Rock&Pop disc with some modern elements but a retro vibe.
The lead off single and opener “Over My Dead body” showcases the path of the album. Cathy chorus, perfect toned guitars and the aggressive, vocal power of Phil Collen. The drumming is solid from Paul Cook and the bass strong and deep.
“I C U In Everything” is a modern rocker, not my favorite track but it’s contagious and you’ll find yourself singing the chorus after a couple of listens.
“Closer To Me” shows off the dance vibe and the overall pop element that Phil Collen is known for and Laffy gets to go off a little on this one. This song has some flow that will get your groove going.
In the middle of the album you will find a Hendrix cover of “Fire.” This rendition snuck up on me and fits the band so perfectly.
“Get Action” reminds me of the Def Leppard sound that Collen has patented over the years: layered choruses and chatchy rhythm.
The song “I, Superbiker” was featured as the theme song for the documentary of the same name in the spring 2011 which has been released solely in the UK.
You know Collen loves the guitar instrumentals as “Dogbite” ends this album well, plenty of pedal effects and big drums.

Phil Collen’s powerful and aggressive vocals, his catchy choruses and perfectly toned guitar together with the solid drums from Paul Cook and Simon Laffy’s strong bass makes “PunkFunkRootsRock” energetic from the first to the last song.
Def Leppard fans and general retro Rock & Pop listeners will love this album. It’s the culmination of what Collen does in his own take, spicing his music with many diverse genres, but basically rocking.
One of the best words to describe this album is fun. When you put the album on you the band comes through just having a good time.
This is fresh, energetic melodic music to enjoy at high volume.
Cool release.

01 – Over My Dead Body
02 – ICU In Everything
03 – All I Wanna Do
04 – Closer To Me
05 – Lies Lies All Lies
06 – Get Action
07 – Edge Of The World
08 – Dreamland
09 – Fire
10 – I, Superbiker
11 – Bittersweet
12 – Dogbite (instrumental)

Phil Collen – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Paul Cook – Drums, background vocals
Simon Laffy – Bass, background vocals


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