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This is a very special post. One of my favorite bands of all time, classic aorsters TRILLION, are working on new material.
After signing with a major label in 1978, the band released two acclaimed albums, the first self-titled with Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) on vocals, being produced by Gary Lyons (Foreigner, Grateful Dead) and the second, “Clear Approach” produced by John Boylan (Boston).
How on Earth could they come to an end after that fantastic 2nd album is beyond me.

For “Clear Approach” (1979) the band recruited excellent vocalist Thom Griffin, who after the band’s broke-up, dissapeared from the mainstream business, only working as session singer (providing background vocals for Dennis DeYoung, Steve Walsh, Jimi Jamison, Night Ranger, etc) and songwriter… Until 2005 when he was called to lay down his unmistakable golden throat on the ‘Ambition’ album / project together with Tommy Denander.

Both Trillion classic albums have been remastered and reissued recently, and the last incarnation of the band decided to work on new material; ” III ” .
Griffin, Frank Barbalace and Bill Wilkins called famed monster session-man CJ Vanston (Steve Lukather, Jeff Beck) to provide keyboards and began recording. Added to the Trillion III project as well is bassist Dave LaRue from the Dixie Dregs.
Original Trillion keyboard player Patrick Leonard has also played on one track (“Golden Sun Beyond”) which has made the project that much more unique.

“Trillion III” consists of 3 new pieces that evolved within the recording studio retaining the originality of Trillion’s sound and style with an updated approach and execution.
“Golden Sun Beyond” and “In My Blood” both retains that characteristic magic of classic Trillion with the right AOR-prog dash throwing in.
“She Hates Sunday” has a different, more commercial melodic rock feel – like the Ambition project or Mecca – excellent as well.

This is one of most welcomed surprises of the year.
I’ve been waiting 30 years for something new from Trillion, and I just can’t believe its finally happening. Thom Griffin’s terrific pipes are intact, and the whole band is in top form.
I’m not sure if “Trillion III” will be completed as a full length album, meanwhile, we have this only 3-song EP, but all these tracks are like pot of gold.
” III ” is available as digital download and as a collectible limited edition CD directly off the band’s website at
All I can say is Wow! … Not only has the group been resurrected, they have resurrected timeless elements of many great, classic bands of the past.
Amazing comeback guys.


01 – Ray of Light
02 – Golden Sun Beyond
03 – She Hates Sunday
04 – In My Blood
05 – Innocence

Thom Griffin – Lead Vocals
Frank Barbalace – Guitars, Vocals
Bill Wilkins – Drums
CJ Vanston – Keyboards
Patrick Leonard – Keyboards on ‘Golden Sun Beyond’
Dave La Rue – Bass



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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good gig. 🙂

  2. 0dayrock says:

    @ Ray:
    Yes, the same Patrick Leonard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nice to hear new music after their sole two lps. Is this the same Patrick Leonard that became a producer for the likes of Madonna?


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