HANGAR – Acoustic But Plugged In! (2011)

HANGAR - Acoustic But Plugged In! (2011)


HANGAR is a power / hard rock band from Brazil, formed by skilled drummer and percussionist Aquiles Priester (who has recorded on Di’Anno and Angra discs in between) in 1997.
The group has released four albums, being the last 2009s ‘Infallible’.
Last year, after concerts held around their country, Hangar took the first steps to record their fifth CD acoustically in the studio.

A lot has been said about what kind of rock music is suitable for acoustic versions. The answer is simple: any kind.
If it turns out to be good or not, depends exclusively on the competence of the musicians playing. It is that simple.
Having said that, I guess I don’t even have to say that the very competent musicians of Hangar took their songs, normally brimming with weight and speed, and did a fantastic job on their first acoustic album “Acoustic, But Plugged In!”.

Actually, the band had been performing various acoustic gigs and the release of such an album was a natural consequence for the band.
However, before beginning the recordings, a problem arose: vocalist Humberto Sobrinho had to leave the band due to personal problems.
As luck always smiles down on those who deserve it, Hangar found in André Leite the right person to take over the role: his clear and brilliant timbre proved to be versatile enough to reproduce themes recorded by no less than three different singers.
Besides, at moments in which the vocals, even on an acoustic album, demand a lot from a hard rock singer, it is clear that André is the right musician for the role.

Once this matter was solved and the repertoire chosen, the new arrangements forged by the band ended up being the aspect that stood out the most on the album.
After all, the themes gained the mellowness that acoustic interpretation demands, but maintained a good dose of their original power.
The repertoire, hand picked by the band, brings tracks of their four studio albums besides an unpublished track, “Haunted By Your Ghosts”.

“Acoustic, But Plugged In!” is a pleasant and unexpected surprise.
These guys are serious musicians and their songs have terrific arrangements.
I heard one of their albums some years ago, displaying a pretty heavy style, but these songs aquired a completely new dimension on this new recording.
All the tracks on “Acoustic, But Plugged In!” are meaty, powerful but extremely melodic and full of harmonies.
As the title suggest, this isn’t entirely an acoustic CD. The drums sound big (recorded in a dedicated studio with a room specially projected to provide the perfect ambiance) and the guitars are vital, with a fantastic tone. Singer André Leite is a real revelation, really, really good, with no accent at all.
This isn’t your typically ‘acoustic’ recording, all here is big and organic. Somehow reminds me the powerful acoustic based material that Germans Frontline and Domain published years ago.
Brilliantly produced by Aquiles Priester, “Acoustic, But Plugged In!” is one of the surprises of the year.
Don’t miss this one. Highly Recommended.

01 – One More Chance
02 – Solitary Mind
03 – Haunted By Your Ghosts [New track 2011]
04 – Based On A True Story
05 – Infallible Emperor (1956)
06 – Angel Of The Stereo
07 – Your Skin And Bones
08 – The Reason Of Your Conviction
09 – Time To Forget
10 – Call Me In The Name Of Death
11 – To Tame A Land
12 – Dreaming Of Black Waves
13 – Colorblind
14 – Forgive The Pain
15 – Inside Your Soul

André Leite – vocals
Eduardo Martinez – guitars
Fábio Laguna – keyboards
Nando Mello – bass
Aquiles Priester – drums, percussion
San Santiago – percussion
Theo Vieira – vocals on 2,9,12

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    Great musicianship. thx for enlighting me. excellent band

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