9 CHAMBERS – 9 Chambers (2011)

9 CHAMBERS - 9 Chambers (2011)


One wonders what kind of sound would be created mixing in one band musicians with such diverse backgrounds as Monster Magnet, Lita Ford, Gov’t Mule, and Alice Cooper.
Well, that’s happened, and the result is the super-group “9 Chambers”, a monster hard rock machine.
Respected hard rock veterans – producer/singer/guitarist Greg Hampton (Alice Cooper, Bootsy Collins, Lita Ford), and former Monster Magnet guitarist Ed Mundell, after meeting in a NAMM show, talked about to do something together.
With the addition of superb Gov’t Mule bassist Jorgen Carlsson and the huge drumming of Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio), “9 Chambers” was ready for an all out assault on our senses.

“9 Chambers” is in your face – sometimes take no prisoners – traditional hard rock / classic rock. Loaded with uptempo rockers, riff laden grinders and a couple of slower emotion filled tunes, 9 Chambers first offering is one for the ages.
The sound is very mixed, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s rockers that seems to shift around a little from time to time but for the most part, it sticks to the core which is hard rock with blaring vocals, fast guitar, busy drums and a hypnotizing bass line.
The pounding opener “Life Moves On” sets the style of this recording, a true rock n roll stew with many facets.
Maybe the track that clearly defines 9 Chambers is the rocking “Bury Yourself” with its classic seventies and eighties vibe blended with a hardened and modern edge.
Songs like “Know You Enemy” and “Indeed The Sun” are radio friendly songs that you may hear on mainstream radio one day.
Some tracks such as “One Thing Missing” and “Bury Yourself” borrow from some Sabbath influence, while “Darker Side Of Sunshine” gives a nod to classic Alice Cooper.
“Can’t Turn Your Back” is a mid-tempo rocker that showcases 9 Chambers as a band that can deliver the Hard Rock goods on both a heavy and laid back level. A ballad with muscle is another way to describe this cool song.

“9 Chambers” has successfully executed their Classic Hard Rock edict with their debut album.
Hard Rock fans of any generation will enjoy this recording, full of hot guitar licks and a fired-up rhythm section. While Hampton’s vocals are sometimes a bit harsh, their sound is in tune with the ’70s and ’80s hard rock, leaving occasional traces of metal in their wake.
Vinny Appice is always a delight to listen, he finds on this band plenty of room to freely display his arsenal of beats, perfectly complemented by Jorgen Carlsson’s round and deep bass.
The amount of experience these 4 guys bring to the table is clear on each track, displaying great musicianship and good songwriting. My only problem with the album is the length. Fourteen tracks are too much to digest in one single listen.
Well produced and mixed, “9 Chambers” is a solid, ballsy classic hard rock disc.
Crank it to 10.

01 – Life Moves On
02 – Majick Number
03 – One Thing Missing
04 – Know Your Enemy
05 – What’s It Gonna Get U
06 – All But Done
07 – Bury Yourself
08 – Can’t Turn Your Back
09 – Other Side Of Time
10 – Indeed The Sun
11 – Use U Up
12 – Cut-n-Runn
13 – No Escape
14 – Darker Side of Sunshine

Greg Hampton – vocals, guitar, percussion, background vocals
Ed Mundell – guitar, slide guitar, electric sitar, bass
Jorgen Carlsson – bass
Vinny Appice – drums, percussion
Chris Collier – add. drums


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