BOGUSLAW BALCERAK’s CRYLORD – Blood Of The Prophets (2011)

The ‘real’ one + bonus


CRYLORD comes from Poland and it’s the brainchild of Boguslaw Balcerak, a talented guitarist which is releasing his 3rd album “Blood Of The Prophets”.
Balcerak’s neoclassical blistering style is certainly reminiscent of the great Yngwie Malmsteen, but his music has a more direct approach and leaves more room for the vocals and harmonies.

For “Blood Of Prophets” he brought three of the best singers out there: Mark Boals, Goran Edman and Carsten Shulz. This tell you right away of the quality of work you can expect.
Balcerak handled all the guitars and all the musical arrangements as well. He isn’t racing on his guitar neck all of the time but when he does… he is really good, trying to create a personal sound, adding many influences into his own style.
The vocals are balancing the domination of the guitars, something that is very good, and make the music a bit more interesting.
So, along with the excellent guitar works and melodies expect top class vocals, memorable parts to sing along and a touch of epic atmosphere.

Perhaps the more representative track of the album’s style is last track “The Healing Hands of Destruction”, featuring all three vocalists doing a great job and the band musically shining.
You can find storming rockers such as the title track “Blood Of The Prophets”, “Behind The Walls Of Sadness”, “Grave Of Love”, epicness on “Warrior’s Moon” and more melodic moments on “Face Of Destiny” (great harmony vocals) or “Angel Of Divine” were Goran Edman proves again he can sing anything and NOT in auto pilot.
“When The Time Has Come” is a power ballad very well arranged, Boals & Edman voices perfectly fit the tune. The only disappointing track is “Behind the Walls of Sadness”, where surprisingly the lead vocals by Carsten sound out of place in my opinion.

On “Blood Of The Prophets” Boguslaw wants to prove how classical music can be mixed with metal without falling automatically in the Malmsteen category.
To be honest (and being a true Yngwie fan myself), this album is better than anything released by the Swedish virtuoso in the last 10 years.
“Blood Of The Prophets” is dynamic, melodic and never boring. Boguslaw’s six-string job is brilliant, but the remarkable aspect of his compositions is the sense-of-the-song. He can write songs with a head and a tail.
Count to that excellent performances from the three lead singers and the unknown (and very good) Polish musicians and all I can add is that this album is a must for admirers of the neo-classical metal genre played with style.
All the things of this album are carefully chosen for the best result, special mention (Yngwie, take note) for the top notch crisp production and mastering by King Diamond’s guitarist Andy LaRocque.

01. Ante Bellum Overture
02. Blood Of The Prophets
03. Grave Of Love (vocals: Goran Edman)
04. Bard’s Tale (vocals: Mark Boals)
05. Warrior’s Moon
06. Face Of Destiny (vocals: Mark Boals)
07. The Heretic
08. Behind The Walls Of Sadness
09. Angel Of Divine (vocals: Goran Edman)
10. Valley Of The Dead
11. When The Time Has Come (vocals: Mark Boals & Goran Edman)
12. The Healing Hands Of Destruction (vocals: Boals, Edman & Schulz)
13. The Storm (bonus track)

Boguslaw ‘Bibas’ Balcerak – Guitars
Carsten Schulz (Evidence One) – vocals on 2,5,6,8,10,12
Mark Boals (ex- Yngwie, Ring Of Fire) – vocals on 4,6,11,12
Goran Edman (ex- Yngwie Malmsteen) – vocals on 3,9,11,12
Tomek Zawadzki – bass
Kamil Wyzinski, Lukasz Dybalski – Keyboards
Krzysiek Kisiel Biaduń – Drums


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