JETTBLACK – Raining Rock / Feel The Love (2012)

JETTBLACK - Raining Rock / Feel The Love (2012)


At the beginning of June, melodic hard rockers JETTBLACK are due to release their second album “Raining Rock”. Before then we have the first single chosen; the title track “Raining Rock” plus an exclusive song not to be included in the full length CD.

I’ll say one thing, if the title track is any indication of how good the album will be then I suggest you don’t waste any time and order the album now.

This is one hell of a good track – well written and with a pumping catchy chorus. Delivering great vocals, tasty guitar work and pounding drums, this is probably one of the best songs Jettblack have released so far.

As ‘B side’ we have “Feel The Tove”, which features a guest appearance from Ian Paice (Deep Purple, ex- Whitesnake) on drums. Another killer rockin’ tune that opens with a monster 20-sec. drum solo by legend Ian Paice, and then goes for an adrenalinic ride.

I can’t believe the band will leave this track off the album, it’s exclusive to this single.

This four-strong UK outfit have continued to hone and polish their skills when it comes to delivering material set to linger in the mind.

Seems Jettblack have added an extra dose of tiger to their tank, as their melodic hard rockin’ style sounds much more commercial than before.

Really Good stuff, waiting for the full CD coming out in June.

01 – Raining Rock (3:43)

02 – Feel The Love (feat. Ian Paice) [Non Album track] (5:05)

Will Stapleton – vocals, guitar

Jon Dow – vocals, guitar

Matt Oliver – drums

Tom Wright – bass

Ian Paice – guest drums


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