MARTIN PAGE – A Temper Of Peace (2012)

MARTIN PAGE - A Temper Of Peace (2012)

Not the ‘cuts’ version floating around


Englishman MARTIN PAGE is a renowned hit songwriter with chart-toppers such as Heart’s ‘These Dreams’ and Starship’s ‘We Built This City’ under his belt to name a couple.

In 1994, Page received recognition as a singer and musician with his lovable solo debut ‘In the House of Stone and Light’, much regarded in AOR / Westcoast circles. His 2nd ‘In the Temple of the Muse’ (2008) somehow was a disappointment, too much introspective and personal.

Now he’s back with a third installment, “A Temper Of Peace”, which marks a return to the good sounds. The new album offers a richly sensual listening experience and a soulful performance.

Page has engineered, produced and played all the instruments for the first time through these 14 tracks that never turn boring at all, alternating between rhythmic tunes and calmer ballads.

This is skillful mature music with a profound lyrical content, beautifully crafted and meticulously produced.

“A Temper Of Peace” will delight Westcoast and smooth AOR aficionados. It has a feel similar to Mr. Mister works with the elegance of his debut album.

The instrumental accompaniment to his spirited vocal performance is builded on a highly melodic foundation of ultra-refined keyboards, expertly dosed guitars and smooth drumming / percussion.

Page also reminds me Larry Tagg and Marc Jordan in his vocal phrasing, proving that one does not need to raise one’s voice in order to be heard.

Those connoisseurs who are looking for musical grace and emotional depth (as opposed to a great many decibels and superficial entertainment) will have a hard time finding a better album this year.


01 – Halo

02 – The Washing of the Heart

03 – Think of Me (When You Dance)

04 – Soulprint

05 – Ruby Rae

06 – I’ll Grow Old With You

07 – When the Harvest Is In

08 – Hungry Ghost

09 – Titch

10 – What Did I Do to Deserve You

11 – Healing Waters

12 – I Can’t Get There Without You

13 – Sweet Killeney Hill

14 – You Can Let Go

Martin Page: All instruments


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