CIRCLE OF LIGHT (Lillian Axe) – Rebirth (2012)

CIRCLE OF LIGHT (Lillian Axe) - Rebirth (2012)


The original, ’80s pre-record deal lineup of Lillian Axe, featuring Steve Blaze (guitar), Danny King (drums), Johnny Vines (vocals) and Michael Maxx (bass) have come together to release a CD aptly entitled “Rebirth” as the band CIRCLE OF LIGHT.

Circle Of Light features the original members of Lillian Axe and their album consists of 11 tracks from the band’s early days prior to getting signed by MCA Records, a deal that was conditional on leader Steve Blaze replacing several members which would become the lineup of Lillian Axe’s first released albums.

Steve Blaze said; “As cliche as it may sound, it is now the time to experience the past in the present tense. Original classic songs that have never been officially released until now.

Remember those early songs we used to play live at the beginning and never recorded? Well they sound just as good if not better today”.

“Rebirth” includes truly ’80s rooted hard rockers and melodious songs originally written for Lillian Axe’s debut that never made any of their albums. Old-school scorchers that really stood the test of time.

We find pride mid-eighties American Hard Rock songs (some of them quite heavy) as “Sail Into The Heavens”, “Modern Day Vampire”, the groovy “Circus Comes To Town” and the short but impactful “Every Dog Has Its Day” featuring a killer guitar solo.

Seems in these years Blaze’s songwriting was pretty influenced by Dokken, as heard on “Rest In Peace”, “Circle Of Light” and the riff-laden “Try To Stop Me Now” where a I hear the more commercial Impelliteri as well.

And of course we have typical early Lillian Axe songs (as in their debut) featuring high doses of melody such as the very good midtempo title track “Rebirth”, the strong melodic hard rockers “On A Clear Night” & “King Of The Beasts”, and the consistent ballad “Silent Night”.

Taken by Steve Blaze as a Lillian Axe side project, Circle Of Light, in my opinion, sounds much more vital and honest than the last Lillian’s album released months ago.

“Rebirth” recaptures for the most part the true early Lillian Axe sound & style, particularly in the songwriting and the way the songs are performed, something that real fans of the band and general ’80s hard rock lovers miss from them.

Circle Of Light rocks tight and hot, not sounding metalized at all, just like pure eighties American Hard Rock used to be: sharp and melodic.


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01 – Circle Of Light

02 – Circus Comes To Town

03 – Sail Into The Heavens

04 – Modern Day Vampire

05 – Rebirth

06 – Rest In Peace

07 – Silent Night

08 – Every Dog Has Its Day

09 – On A Clear Night

10 – Try To Stop Me Now

11 – King Of The Beasts

Johnny Vines (vocals)

Steve Blaze (guitar)

Michael Maxx (bass)

Danny King (drums)

CIRCLE OF LIGHT (Lillian Axe) - Rebirth (2012) back cover


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