ECLIPSE – Bleed & Scream (Japan Edition +1)

ECLIPSE - Bleed & Scream (Japan Edition +1) full

Swedish melodic hard rockers ECLIPSE are ready to shine musically over the planet with their 4th album “Bleed & Scream” to be released at the end of this month.
Having been a fan of all three of their previous albums I was looking forward to this release but wow!, I did not expect it to be this good.

Every song here is instantly memorable and there are absolutely no fillers on this album. All the usual Eclipse elements are here: huge hooks + catchy riffs and incredibly choruses.
“Bleed & Scream” is classic ’80s Melodic Hard Rock but with a modern touch. In short; the music is commercial and rocking at the same time, full of energy and catchiness.

“Wake Me Up” opens things up with a huge slice of ’80s inspired riffage complete with a killer vocal delivery courtesy of Erik Martenssom, this track has everything and more for what’s expected from an album opener for this particular genre of rock music, with plenty of catchy melodic vocal hooks.
This is something that carries over into title track “Bleed & Scream”, a number that again has all the essential musical ingredients to appeal to any AOR / hard rock aficionado, with the amps turned up to eleven with all the riff overload going down.

The hot guitar work continues on “Ain’t Dead Yet” but it’s the powerhouse vocal performances of Martenssom that rules the Eclipse roost with some mighty fine harmonic moments and melodic chord progressions.
“Battlegrounds” nods at Over the Fields and Far Away period Gary Moore and yes, the guitar playing is comparable with the great irish man too.

The pace lets up with “Bitter Taste”, a beautiful ballad which starts with just voice and guitar then builds to a massive power chorus and soaring time change into a galloping rhythm that backs an awesome guitar solo before fading out on piano chords – simply breathtaking.
Those Eighties influenced guitar breaks keep on coming thick and fast and at times as on a track like “Falling Down” it could be easy to compare Eclipse to artists such as Steelheart to name one of the lesser known acts yanked outta the cavernous pit of melodic rock.

“S.O.S.” is another instant classic build over a very modern sounding bridge and chorus that allows Erik Martensson to show off his vocal range.
“Take Back the Fear” is a fast rocker with excellent twin guitar work and now I am thinking Pretty Maids but again the song is clearly Eclipse. It’s amazing how the band have taken their influences and fused them into a recognisable and yet uniquely individual sound.

Take a listen to the riff and hook of “The Unspoken Heroes” and tell me there’s not a slight inspirational tug of Ozzy’s (Jake E Lee period). A fantastic commercial tune, definite single potential. And so to the second ballad “About to Break”. Once again starting with guitar and vocals before building into a great hook and chorus. This is a great song again and would also be a possible single.
Closing the album and back in rocking style Eclipse kick it out with another killer choral arrangement on “After The End Of The World”.

Sweden did it again. “Bleed & Scream” will be in your Top 10 list of the year.
Eclipse has obviously found and perfected their own little musical niche within this genre, blending the power and impact of Euro Hard Hock with the catchiness and hooks of the best ’80s Melodic Rock.

All in “Bleed & Scream” is vital, moving, kickin’, and most important of all, really fun and enjoyable.
I really cannot recommend this album highly enough. If you are a fan of classic ’80s Hard, Scandi Melodic Rock, or just great ‘rock music’ then you simply have to hear this album.
A future classic.


01 – Wake Me Up

02 – Bleed and Scream

03 – Ain’t Dead Yet

04 – Battlegrounds

05 – Bitter Taste

06 – Falling Down

07 – S.O.S.

08 – Take Back The Fear

09 – Unspoken Heroes

10 – About To Break

11 – After The End Of The World

12 – Battlegrounds (Acoustic version, Japan Bonus track)


Erik Mårtenssom – Bleeding vocals, guitar & bass
Magnus Henriksson – Screaming lead guitar
Robban Bäck – Roaring drums
Johan Berlin – Epic synthesisers



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