TRIUMPH – Live At Sweden Rock Festival (2012)

TRIUMPH - Live At Sweden Rock Festival (2012)


Legendary Canadian power trio TRIUMPH decided to play their reunion after 20 years of silence in Sweden. It happened on June 7, 2008 in the framework of the famous Sweden Rock Festival.

It took four years before some label came up with footage of that, but it’s Frontiers Records who’s finally providing us now with a 2-disc set of the ‘historic’ performance, an audio CD and a DVD featuring the same tracklist named “Live At Sweden Rock Festival”.

Triumph totally succeeded at Sweden’s biggest summer fest and what’s captured in audio and video via this release surely fits the hunger of traditional Hard Rock fans.

Hence, what you hear in this 10-pack of songs shall make you proud for being a Triumph follower all these years. What you get here is the spark of an ‘old’ band (year of creation is somewhere 1975) that beats down every newcomer in the scene.

The drums are loud, the bass is roaring and the guitars shine hard with some glazing solos in between; the band sounds quite determined to let literally no one criticize this reunion gig.

Of course, the setlist could have been longer but it’s the truth ‘Sweden Rock Festival’ has a titanic billing with limited time for the non-headlining acts. And these songs are their true classics, plus a fine cover of Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way”.

Triumph has always been a strange commodity in the hard rock scene; releasing one strong album after another, but they will never be mentioned among the most influential bands from the ’70s and ’80s.

And if you take into consideration that eight of their albums have reached gold status (or higher) and they have also been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, it remains a bit strange to me.

Known for their virtuoso musicianship and for being a cracking force live, in this recording Triumph shows to everyone that they haven’t forgotten their strengths… and that’s exactly what we are served on this release: a band playing their asses off, performing at a very high technical level and just having fun on stage playing their old classics.

This is a World Premiere, be fast…

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrockz

01 – When The Lights Go Down

02 – Lay It On The Line

03 – Allied Forces

04 – Never Surrender

05 – I Live For The Weekend

06 – Blinding Light Show / Moon Child

07 – Rocky Mountain Way

08 – Magic Power

09 – Rock & Roll Machine

10 – Fight The Good Fight

Rik Emmet – Guitars, lead vocals

Mike Levine – Bass, keyboards

Gil Moore – Drums, lead vocals

Dave Dunlop – Guitar


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