CRYPTIC VISION – Of Infinite Possibilities (2012)

CRYPTIC VISION - Of Infinite Possibilities (2012) mp3 download


Florida’s Cryptic Vision are back after a 5 year hiatus with their latest platter of melodic & challenging progressive rock music titled “Of Infinite Possibilities”.

There are some bands that seem to fly under the radar, and I have always been mystified as to why Cryptic Vision aren’t far more well known.

It certainly isn’t down to lack of musical ability, songs, hooks and prog timings as these guys have all of the chops.

There is a long and impressive guest list involved on this album, with David Ragsdale (Kansas) and Gary Schutt (Jeff Scott Soto) being amongst the most high profile, however at no point do Cryptic Vision slide into ‘project’ mode, always sounding like a true, complete band, with the stunning keyboard work from Rick Duncan (who also provides drums and guitars) and Howard Helm knitting neatly with the twin guitar attack that is completed by Tim Keese.

Add to that bass work from Sam Conable that consistently roams around the melody lines, while refusing to lose focus and sumptuous vocals courtesy of a certain Mr Plant… Todd Plant that is, and Cryptic Vision are a multi-talented, but singularly focused group.

The music in “Of Infinite Possibilities” it’s immediate, with a very American feel, yet it also has incredible depth and the more that it is played the more the listener will get from it.

For the most part the band mixes soaring melodies with some vintage styled prog in the Kansas or even Styx style, as on the wonderful “Obsolete” or the engaging “Affecting Time”, complete with powerful vocals, tons of analog keyboards, crunchy guitar, sinewy Rickenbacker bass, and intricate drum fills.

The band dives into bombastic heavy prog and Pomp on the dramatic “Flash of Life” (Dream Theater meets Styx?), approach some of the proggy heights of the legendary Kansas on the rockin’ “Other Side”, and get all epic on us for the 20-minute, 3-part title track, which again brings to mind vintage Kansas.

Some really tasty keyboard passages on this one, as well as scorching guitar solos and Plant’s vocals are just outstanding, calmer in places, powerful in others.

Cryptic Vision is a band that writes songs and then arranges them in a complex and involved manner creating a lush symphonic prog that is uplifting. Wacky time signatures, loud and soft parts, grand and panoramic… it’s all here in “Of Infinite Possibilities”.

Interestingly most of these songs hover around the 4 to 5 minute range (although they do all run together seamlessly) and are very accessible, with only the closing epic length twenty-minute, but it’s also divided in three recognizable parts.

This CD will immensely please Classic Prog / Pomp listeners, but Melodic Hard rockers as well, as the sound and playing is crisp and invigorating.

“Of Infinite Possibilities” is a cracking Melodic Prog album and well worth a lengthy, five-year wait for its arrival.

Very Recommended.

01 – Singularity

02 – Starting Gun

03 – The Secret

04 – Affecting Time

05 – Obsolete

06 – M Theory

07 – Real Magic

08 – Lucid Dream

09 – Flash Of Life

10 – Other Side

11 – Infinite Possibilities

a) – Part one

b) – Part two

c) – Part three

Todd Plant / vocals, guitar

Sam Conable / bass, vocals

Timothy Keese / guitar, vocals

Howard Helm / keyboards, vocals

Rick Duncan / drums, guitar, keyboards


Gary Schutt / guitar

Shawn Bowen / guitar

John Leblanc / guitar

John Zahner / keyboards

David Ragsdale / violin

Mike Carello / fretless bass


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