FULLFORCE – Next Level (2012)

FULLFORCE - Next Level (2012)


In 2009 FULLFORCE was founded by Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Vocals), Stefan Elmgren (ex Hammerfall, Guitars) and Anders Johansson (ex Yngwie J. Malmsteen). The Swedish five-piece started to write songs in order to complete the debut album ‘One’, which was really well received.

With new second guitarist Stefan Rosqvist (Cloudscape), Fullforce got ready their sophomore album “Next Level”, to be released tomorrow.

This ‘supergroup’ delivers extremely melodic, catchy metal that borders on traditional slick hard rock.

“Next Level” is plenty of hooky, addictive numbers, sometimes pretty hard hitting yet always melodic. It’s not far from the material on the Allen/Lande albums or Jorn solo works, but also many ’80s acts as the ‘American’ Whitesnake.

Fans of hard rock inflected metal will likely eat up the more aggressive, ballsy tracks, like lead off “Broken Dreams” which incorporates enough melody and rock sensibility to make things memorable, while keeping it heavy and aggressive enough.

That style continues to pay dividends on numbers like “Break It, Crack It, Destroy It” which has a contagious chorus and some tasty guitar work.

Likewise, the sheer anthemic might of rockers like “Back to Life”, “Whispers”, “Course of Life” and “Visions” are benefited by big, stadium-rock choruses and enthusiastic performances.

“Awesomeness” makes justice to its title, driven by a killer razor riff and a pretty damn catchy rhythm, crowned by a very good chorus with harmonized vocals. They can be quite heavy and assertive, adding some power twists to their arrangements, as on “Karma” or “Mysterious Way”.

Then combining a solid hard rock groove with arena accessibility, Fullforce is able to offer anthemic power ballads as well.

“A Night to Remember” is a great eighties midtempo close to balladry where ’87-’89 Whitesnake comes to mind, while “Smile at the World” is a ‘lighters out’ power ballad adorned with acoustics and orchestrations.

Album closer is another strong ballad, more in the classic mould like ’80s Black Sabbath, with a great finale increscendo, ending with a melodic guitar solo.

This CD has proven to be a “Next Level” for this very good band.

Since Fullforce is a ‘supergroup’, the performances are all high level and as a band they sound tight and solid as a rock, but also they have a steady hand at writing smooth and slick melodic tunes.

Michael Andersson is a tremendous singer, a mix of Jorn Lande, David Coverdale and Rob Rock, making good vocal choices and uses his tools to maximum effect (he even dabbles in harsh vox on a few songs to shake things up).

The riffs by Stefan Elmgren and Stefan Rosqvist are dependable and in-your-face, but often have enough flair to rise above the simple style of metal/rock they traffic in. Rhythm section is really ballsy, commanded by the always effective Anders Johansson.

“Next Level” is a killer hooky metal album with an ear toward radio-ready choruses and fist pumping, stadium-rock. Traditional hard rock and even melodic hard rock fans will find plenty quality material here to enjoy.

Strongly Recommended.

01 – Broken Dreams

02 – Break It, Crack It, Destroy It

03 – Back To Life

04 – A Night To Remember

05 – Karma

06 – Whispers

07 – Smile At The World

08 – Hate…Love…Drop It!

09 – Visions

10 – Course Of Life

11 – Awesomeness

12 – Mysterious Ways

13 – Strongest Thing Of All

Mike Andersson – Vocals

Stefan Elmgren – Guitars

Stefan Rosqvist – Guitars

Tommy Larsson – Bass

Anders Johansson – Drums



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