REED-RITCHOTTE – Finally​.​.​. (2012)

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REED-RITCHOTTE is a collaboration between long-time San Diego frontman Rick Reed and L.A. session guitarist and tour hired gun Rocket Ritchotte (Stan Bush, David Lee Roth, Rick Springfield, Gregg Rolie).

Recorded over a two-year period, the album “Finally…” is a strong 11-song collection of classic bluesy hard rock.

Very melodic and classy, the music in “Finally…” is driven by the great chops of Rocket Ritchotte, an excellent guitar player owner of a clean sweep-picking style.

Ritchotte (pronounced Ri-shot) is French-Canadian Indian, descendants of the Cree Indians. His hard-hitting, tasty guitar playing gave him the reputation of one of the best guitarists in L.A. It came as no surprise that when David Lee Roth needed someone for his ‘A Little Ain’t Enough’ tour (as Jason Becker was already ill at that time), Rocket was the man to get.

Ritchotte also is the guitar player in Stan Bush’s ‘In This Life’ album, so expect quality from his side.

Singer Rick Reed has the perfect style for this genre, with a warm vocal tone, while the rest of the band are seasoned musicians, with Brett Tuggle on keyboards and backing vocals (Fleetwood Mac, Jimmy Page), Max Whipple on bass (Deux Sons) and Rocket’s son Kane drumming. There’s some stellar guests such as Tony Franklin (Don Dokken, Jimmy Page) playing as well.

The music in “Finally…” is organic, really classic in its conception and sound.

We have rockers as “Ain’t Got Nothin`”, the Fastway-like “Take Me Away” and the very good “Tear It Up” (which has a terrific guitar solo by Richotte), while the slower numbers “Broken Heart” and “Night Queen” are more whisky-soaked sounding.

But the majority of the songs are classic earlier ’80 hard blues oriented where Whitesnake,  David Coverdale solo work, Bad Company and alikes come to mind.

Just listen the uptempo catchy structures in “Five by Five” or “Bye Bye”, these are pure bluesy hard riffs, recalling Jimmy Page’s solo stuff as well.

“Finally…” is a fine classic rock album with good rockin’ songs really well penned and played, from the heart.

A really pleasant listen.

01 – Ain’t Got Nothin’

02 – Five by Five

03 – Broken Heart

04 – Tear It Up

05 – Give (Your Love to Me)

06 – Night Queen

07 – Bye Bye

08 – Never Loved a Woman

09 – Take Me Away

10 – Woke Up Dead

11 – When a Man Loves a Woman

Rick Reed – lead vocals

Rocket Ritchotte – guitars

Randy Troast – guitar, bass

Brett Tuggle – keyboards, backing vocals

Max Whipple – bass

Kane Ritchotte – drums


Tony Franklin – bass

Charlie McGimsey – drumsSteve Trovato – guitar

Glen Doll – harp

Anna Montgomery – vocals


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