ELDORADO – Antigravity Sound Machine (2012)

ELDORADO - Antigravity Sound Machine (2012)


ELDORADO is Spanish hard rock band that is only five years old, and “Antigravity Sound Machine” is the first (self-funded) album recorded by the band that does not feature Spanish song titles.

The band used to sing strictly in Spanish until they met producer Richard Chycki (Aerosmith, Rush), who insisted that they record their second album, Golden, entirely in English.

It was a good move, as Eldorado has expanded their markets and already played in the US, UK and various European festivals.

What I hear in “Antigravity Sound Machine” is a bit of hybrid sound that combines the classic bluesy hard rock of seventies bands like Bad Company, Foghat, Deep Purple, Zeppelin and Free with the slightly edgier and harder approach of the ’80s.

So look for some catchy hooks, deep grooves, thick, often times bluesy heavy rock riffs, and powerful vocals.

New guitarist Andres Duende has done a great job here coming up with some neat, chunky riffs, especially on the heavier numbers like “Another Bright Sunday”, “Mr. Saturn”, “Maybe Forever” and “Searching For Light”, many times supported by some tasty organ which gives that slight Deep Purple feel.

Jesus Trujillo delivers delicious vibrato vocals, and you would find it hard to believe that this guy could only speak ‘schoolboy English’ less than half a decade ago. On the hard rockers he shows plenty of range, but also reveals his tender side on the mellower tracks “A Farewell to Remember”, “Like a Lost Child”, and “Kassandra” (which features a great Paul Kossoff styled solo from Duende).

For my money though, it’s the gritty, ’70s styled heavy blues rockers that make this album worth your attention.

Just listen to Duende ripping it up on the dramatic funk rocker “Space Mambo” or the lean & mean “Background Radiation”, while the band again visits its Deep Purple leanings on the guitar & organ drenched “Paranormal Circus”.

There’s even a hint of prog on “Lady of the Mountain”, which has a bit if a Styx feel to it, featuring lush acoustic guitars, keyboards and layers of soaring vocals.

Final track “Blue Jay Wings” is all acoustic, and a rootsy end to this very enjoyable album.

“Antigravity Sound Machine” is a luscious, totally energetic album that seems to carry Eldorado to fresh heights with every track listened to.

The 12-track CD is packed with effervescent guitar work and dynamic drumming that accommodate but never overwhelm Trujillo’s perfect, warbling vocals. This is a guy who can scream with the best of them, yet he possesses a range, from gravely-bass to high-pitched tenor, that is quite exceptional and very potent.

The amount of air guitar and foot-tapping that this album instigates should give you a hint as to its superior quality, the ‘blame’ for which, as stated earlier, must be laid at the door of Mr. Chycki.

All the little ’70s bits that Eldorado throw at you really work well with the ’80s attitude and modern flavors.

After a recent 14-date US tour, exposure to both Canadian and Australian audiences and a growing UK and pan-European following, Eldorado clearly has a strong future.

Well done guys.

1 – Maybe Forever

2 – Mr. Saturn

3 – Like A Lost Child

4 – Another Bright Sunday

5 – Searching For Light

6 – A Farewell To November

7 – Background Radiation

8 – Space Mambo

9 – Kassandra

10 – Paranormal Circus

11 – Lady Of The Mountain

12 – Blue Jay Wing

Jesus Trujillo – Vocals

Andres Duende – Guitar

Cezar Sanchez – Bass

Javier Planelles – Drums



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