FUEL FROM HELL – Easier Said Than Done (2012)

FUEL FROM HELL - Easier Said Than Done (2012)

Not the cuts version floating around


FUEL FROM HELL got together in at the end of the nineties with the intention to play old-fashioned R’nR.

Their 2007 debut was heavily influenced by the L.A. Sunset Strip style, but this quintet with Italian origins now venture into the slick hard rock territory in their brand new CD “Easier Said Than Done”.

Fuel From Hell’s new direction can mostly be attributed to new vocalist Phil Lasher, who brings a soother and more traditional Hard Rock voice to the proceedings. “Easier Said Than Done” comes complete with some real rockin’ gems.

Opener “Electrified” is one of those stand-out moments (even if the song does steal its intro from Alice Cooper’s ‘Poison’) as it builds itself up towards the powerful and majestic chorus.

“Poison Whiskey”, with its honky tonk piano and sweaty guitars is fun, while “Nowhere In The Night” is more melodic rock oriented.

The sleazy “Some Girls” is fueled by high-energy guitar work (although I don’t like much the vocals here). “Send Me Your Love” lends in melodic moments again, followed by the also melodious “Anything Goes” featuring nice harmony vocals.

“Midnight” hints at greatness, but it is the adrenaline driven “House Of Love” and the album’s shining moment “Bad Jane” that truly display Fuel From Hell’s talents. Seems they have reserved the best for the end.

“Easier Said Than Done” succeeds by bookending some weak tracks in the middle of the album with absolutely killer tracks at the beginning and particularly at the end of the CD.

Far from perfect, this is a good, hot hard rockin’ effort from Fuel From Hell. If the band can streamline their songwriting, dumping the fillers in the process, they could easily become one of hard rock’s best kept secrets – as there are enough pieces of brilliance here to pique your interest.

Good One.

01. Electrified

02. Poison Whiskey

03. Nowhere In The Night

04. Some Girls

05. Send Me Your Love

06. Anything Goes

07. 17 & Wasted

08. Midnight

09. December ’89

10. Bad Jane

11. House Of Love

Phil Lasher – lead vocals

Dam Littmanen – guitar, vocals

Steve Eighteen – guitar, vocals

Max Velvet – bass, vocals

Alex Count – drums



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