MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) – Marran (2012)

MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) - Marran (2012) mp3 download


MÅRRAN was founded in Älvdalen, Sweden, three years ago by bass layer Morgan Korsmoe and guitarist Ludwig Larsson (both born 1989).

These young musicians with love for the seminal Hard Rock sounds wanted to create a band in this style with experienced colleagues in this matter, so they called seasoned veterans to join in.

Drummer Björn ‘Binge’ Inge (born 1952) from the legendary Swedish band November (the Scandinavian Cream and the first band to sing hard rock in Swedish language around 1970) and ex- Chuck Berry Band (yeah, you read it right) accepted immediately.

Then Hammond organ player Max Lorentz was in, known for his work as producer and musician for very many artists in Sweden and Denmark, and the guys really get surprised when legendary rock vocalist Göran Edman said ‘yes’.

The self-titled album from the band comprises all the elements that made the Classic Hard Rock genre so influential.

The sound is incredibly ’70s with a very bluesy feel, but they have a very interesting synergy going on as the experienced members contribute with the ‘classic vibe’ while the two young musicians provide a modernist approach, and all comes smoothly together.

Perhaps the best way to describe Mårran is their debut single “Gärdesbrud” – which roughly translates as “Woodstock Girl” – telling the tale of a slight romance in the grass of the 1970 swedish Woodstock-style festival ‘Gärdesfesten’. Musically is a classic hard rocker with a great melody.

MÅRRAN (Goran Edman) - Marran (2012) inside cover

On the CD we have tight riffs yet not too much heavy (more melodic oriented), moving rhythms, tons of Hammond organs and vocals to die for.

Talking about the vocals, Göran Edman simply shines. You can give him a melodic rock, AOR, heavy, prog or whatever song and he does it perfectly.

But let me tell you that Göran’s presence in Mårran is not the hired-singer slot, his involvement in the band is as stable member, as in his own words, this is his favorite genre. So he sings his heart out on these tracks in a performance plenty of fire and soul.

Mårran has taken a risk as the songs are written and sung in Swedish, but honestly, I don’t care, this material just oozes quality everywhere. In fact, Swedish tongue sounds really nice and gives to their music a distinctive touch.

A really, really good Classic (Hard) Rock album.

1. Än sen (So What)

2. Folkvisa från Helvetet (Folk Ballad From Hell)

3. Syster Blå (Sister Blue)

4. Gärdesbrud (Woodstock Girl)

5. Del av mitt liv (Part Of My Life)

6. Dina ögon är blå (Your Blue Eyes)

7. Tänk om (Think Again)

8. Sockerflicka (Sugar Lady)

9. Med Lena (With Lena)

10. Ensamma Stränder (Lonely Shores)

11. Gånglåt från Zinken (Marching Tune From Zinken)

Göran Edman – Vocals

Morgan Korsmoe – Bass

Ludde Larsson – Guitar

Max Lorentz – Keyboards

Björn ‘Binge’ Inge – Drums



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