MIA KLOSE – London (2012)

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Who is this blonde bombshell hailing from Sweden claiming the Female Rock sceptre?

MIA KLOSE is ready to lead the scene back to the glory days of Melodic Hard Rock fronted by a woman, and her debut “London” is a solid proof of that.

Established in London since a long time now (hence the album title), Klose’s image is one you would expect from an ’80s femaler rocker — leather, lace, long hair and heavy eye make-up.

MIA KLOSE - London (2012) photo pics

But don’t be flashed by Mia’s pretty face only. The lady has talent too, and a big amount of it.

Her musical style takes you back to the golden Melodic Hard Rock era where Lita Ford, Joan Jett and Jackie Bodimead comes to mind, backed by heavy guitar riffs and a polished late eighties production.

This recording embodies everything that a classic rock album needs and indeed it does rock. London – the city – is the running inspiration behind these kickin’ songs injected with some serious attitude, swank and sass.

“London’s a Heartbreaker” and “City of Rock” are both stellar tracks on the album with their ’80s power riffs driving the music. The stadium rock styled guitar work in this recording is remarkable, with that typical sound set coming from a twin guitar attack.

Opener “Open Your Eyes” starts with a killer guitar riff before the song develops into a melodius yet furious hard rocker with a refined metalized sound. Mia’s vocals are powerful and controlled, and they cleverly use some harmonic vocals during the chorus.

One of the most commercial tunes arrives with “You Drive Me Crazy”. The sensual guitar riffs provide a great ‘get up and dance’ vibe and demonstrates Klose’s vocal range at its best.

After the cool straightforward hard rocker “Mama”, we have the mellow “Living for Tomorrow”, not strictly a power ballad, but surely it has a lights in the air style with a Sebastian Bach’s Skid Row vibe.

“Lady Killer” is a muscular rock song with fierce vocals, while “Never Too Late” runs rapid over a thrilling rhythm section. Both effective, solid tracks.

Mia Klose is an unexpected great surprise from the devalued Female Fronted Melodic Hard Rock field.

“London” is a melodic, polished ’80s rocker featuring Mia’s soaring vocals combined with her band’s brilliant musicianship, a stunning formula which will intoxicate you from the start.

It’s one of those albums that will get under your skin and animate you in some way or other, whether it be tapping your foot, shaking your head, or any other part of your body… The emphasis is on quality, and it shows in every aspect of this well rounded product.

After the first listen, I am not surprised anymore; Mia and her band were chosen among dozens of new acts to be part of the upcoming ‘HRH AOR festival’ in Rotherham UK in 2013.

I have no doubt in my mind that this team of talented artists are going to go far.

Strongly Recommended.

01 – Open Your Eyes

02 – You Drive Me Crazy

03 – Mama

04 – Living For Tomorrow

05 – London’s A Heartbreaker

06 – Lady Killer

07 – Never Too Late

08 – City Of Rock

09 – Never Too Late (raw demo version) [purchase only bonus]

Mia Klose – vocals

Melly – lead guitar

Danny Drama – rhythm guitar, production

Connor – bass

Rob Emms – drums




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