THE NORWEGIAN FORDS – Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen (2012)

THE NORWEGIAN FORDS - Somewhere Down The Road You'll Listen (2012) mp3 download


Erik Enzo and Paul Call are the main musicians behind THE NORWEGIAN FORDS, a band from (you guessed) Norway. These guys come from a gelid country, but I assure you that their music is warm like the Californian sun in June.

They have released two albums in their homeland, and now the last, “Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen”, finally is available on physical CD.

The Norwegian Fords plays catchy, retro-inspired Californian smooth West Coast AOR with a hint of adult pop and accompanied by quirky lyrics.

The soaring sounds of the classic L.A. scene are the motto of this duo, obviously fans of Bill Champlin, Steely Dan, Bill LaBounty, Boz Scaggs… and the list continues.

Breezy melodies and organic instrumentation are the foundation of lovable tunes like “Wonder What It Takes”, the super-smooth “Superglue Kiss”, “Plan A” or the flowing “Surfing On The Sun”.

More uptempo and gracious numbers such as the extremely catchy “Fit In” (Airplay comes to mind), “Radio In A Song” and the jumpin’ “Billy Ocean” would have been top hits in the early ’80s radio.

Ballads? Enjoy the stupendous title track “Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen” with a glass of fine wine at hand.

The musicians from Scandinavia seems to have learned the L.A. West Coast lesson better than anybody in the world.

We have Peter Friestedt, Chris Antblad, Ole Borud, Work Of Art, Spin Gallery… add to this list The Norwegian Fords. They have opened for Toto on many gigs and are already getting considerble airplay in European radio stations.

Songwriting, production, and performances from these talented guys (accompanied by seasoned session players) are pure delight.

Mixed and mastered in L.A. by Grammy Award-winners Bill Schnee & Robert Hadley, you know what to expect from “Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen” : pure West Coast AOR bliss.

Just love this stuff!

01 – Fit In

02 – Wonder What It Takes

03 – Superglue Kiss

04 – Radio In A Song

05 – I’ll Be Dining Here Again

06 – Plan A

07 – Surfing On The Sun

08 – I’ve Falling In Love (With Somebody Else)

09 – Somewhere Down The Road You’ll Listen

10 – Billy Ocean

Erik Enzo – vocals, keyboards, songwriter

Paul Call – guitars, songwriter, lyrics


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  1. Panchaino says:

    Great album, thanks for the great work on this blog. Those guys have another album from 2008 extremely hard to find.

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