JAMIE ALIMORAD – Words Left Unsaid (2012)

JAMIE ALIMORAD - Words Left Unsaid (2012)


Now this is a real find.

Seems singer-songwriter Jamie Alimorad has gained a lot of success in the Eastern US as an independent artist since starting out in 2008, releasing an EP in 2010.

Listening his debut CD “Words Left Unsaid”, it’s easy to understand why.

This is a guy with a great voice and rock-solid musical skills, who successfully straddles the line between Rock&pop and melodic mainstream rock, crafting catchy tunes with ear-pleasing melodies and an upbeat vibe.

Alimorad’s voice and style is reminiscent of artists like Rick Springfield (Alimorad is a big fan) and Bryan Adams.

Specifically, there’s an immediacy and straightforwardness to his lyrics and music that really reminds me Springfield circa 1984. And like the tunes of both Adams and Springfield, Alimorad’s songs set up a scene and tell a story: in this case, usually a love-story.

The album’s opener “Tiffany” sets the mood of the CD, and kicks things off with a bang. Right from the start, we know this is straight up, catchy rock music. I can see why he is compared with Rick Springfield: Alimorad’s songwriting it’s to the point, poignant, and humourosly light at the same time.

Then we have “Dancing With You”, a song like you used to listen in the radio back in the mid ’80s. A track you could crank it loud and proud with the top down and cruisin’ slow and low. This is feel-good music, and a good one.

Follower “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” has same instant classic feel, a melodic rocker from which the good ol’ Rick would be proud of.

Another stand-out track is the darker and angrier “Weapon”, with growlier vocals from Alimorad and a slightly rougher sound.

Then in “That’s What She Said” Jamie adds a much modern sound to the mix, with synths and an almost a dance rhythm, but the song still has that tongue-in-cheek, edgy, fun feel to it combining that Dx-7 sounds with Marshall amp driving guitars; sure to be a party hit.

Of course we have mid-tempos and ballads like the classy “Someday, Somewhere” (great one), “Beautiful” (Springfield comes to mind again) and closer “Forever And A Day” wonderfully filled by acoustics and melodious lines, which explodes in the middle with a sparkling electric solo.

“Words Left Unsaid” was a really pleasant find at the end of the year.

A big part of Jamie Alimorad’s appeal is his voice. It’s strong, clean and with just enough rasp in it to make it interesting. He also has an obvious talent for writing catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics.

One of the things I like best about this album is that it plays like a LP record; it even has that good ‘side A โ€“ side B’ transitional feeling, and some of the best songs are like gems hidden toward the end of the album. Each song has its own little things that make it stand out, and there are lots of surprises.

Jamie Alimorad has rounded a very special album hard to find these days, with all that eighties Rick Springfield AORish feel yet with a modern, crisp production.

This cat is onto something, he’s got the chops, the style and the sounds to please the old geezers and the new generations as well: timeless music.

Very Recommended.

01 – Tiffany

02 – Dancing With You

03 – Can’t Stop Thinking About You

04 – Someday, Somewhere

05 – Weapon

06 – That’s What She Said

07 – Beautiful

08 – Get You Back

09 – Does It Really Have To End This Way

10 – Crawling Back To Me

11 – Don’t Say It’s Over

12 – Forever And A Day

Jamie Alimorad – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards

John Scott – Guitars, Background Vocals

Pat Gorman – Bass, Background Vocals

Lucas Jones – Drums



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Never heard about him…
    I listen in Youtube the song 'She is'… Very good
    But when i've have started with the album… ยก'Tiffany' have the melody of 'Whiskey on the jar' from Thin Lizzy! :-O
    I don't nedd to listen anything else… ๐Ÿ™

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