SHOTGUN ALLEY – Dying To Survive (2012)

SHOTGUN ALLEY - Dying To Survive (2012) mp3 download


This is not fair.

SHOTGUN ALLEY, one of the best, new promising Melodic Rock AOR bands has parted ways.

In fact, they were more than a promise, as their two previous albums (presented here at 0dayrockz) were rated – specially the self-titled debut – amongst the Top-10 of the year.

The band from New Zealand have been working in L.A. on new material for the last 6-8 months and they figure that instead of locking away all the songs, all of them should be in hands of the fans.

So as a parting gift, Shotgun Alley’s new and last album “Dying To Survive” will be available (only for their website registered members) for free download, for a limited time.

Regardless of what made the band pull the plug, Shotgun Alley achieved a lot in three years: three albums, gigs with Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Slash, Steel Panther, and Alice Cooper, and a lot of fans all over the world.

“Dying To Survive” shows how Shotgun Alley has matured in an incredibly short period of time.

This final album retains all the elements of the band; Arena / Stadium anthems, catchiness, punch, but now even more Melodic Rock / AOR oriented.

The album shoots out of the gate with “Back In Style”, a tune with a feverish pulse pumped up by racing guitars and dynamic keyboards.

Next track “Youth United” also showcases the band’s bold, glossy AOR-vibe and that energizing, joyous spark. Strong guitars and a juicy, harmonized sing-along chorus.

Pure Melodic Rock arrives with the bouncy “Run”, and then “NO!” makes you ask why this band called its quits. This is a fantastic, killer radio-ready melodic rocker with a monster rhythm and a top class chorus that H.E.A.T would have love to put out. Awesome.

Of course the album also has some beautiful power ballads like the midtempo “Closer” adorned with keys and clean guitars ala Def Leppard, and later “Breathing” that show off the band’s softer side with pianos and acoustic guitars.

But there’s also more rocking stuff to enjoy from this great band that never included a single filler in their CD’s.

Do you want some Euro Melodic Rock influenced tracks? There’s the feel-good “Test Of Time” with a great vibe and punch.

The fast and fiery “Escape” rocks with some scorching hot guitars, and “Gunshot” is a total pumpin’ anthemic track that comes on strong and won’t let you go.

For the end we the have the groovy, semi-midtempo “Explode” plenty of hymn-like backing vocals and where the band shows they were exploring different sounds adding modern twists both in the compositon and the arrangements.

After listening “Dying To Survive” it’s easy to feel sad and disappointed that a band that had this much talent and radiated this much positive energy is no more.

Shotgun Alley were GREAT, and “Dying To Survive” is a clear example of this statement.

A terrific melodius yet punchy collection of Melodic Rock AOR songs to die for. Anthemic, catchy, smoothly arranged and played tunes with a superb polished production.

We will miss you guys.


01 – Back In Style

02 – Youth United

03 – Run

04 – No!

05 – Closer

06 – Test Of Time

07 – Escape

08 – Gunshot

09 – Breathing

10 – Explode

Mark Falcon – Vocals

Jimmy Wong – Keyboards

Josh Grant Betty – Bass

Bahador Borhani – Guitar

Davie Love – Guitar

Karl Woodhams – Drums

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