LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – Ten Tangerine Tales [Japan release] (2013)

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Ten Tangerine Tales (2013) japan release mp3 doenload


As usual, Swedes LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM release their new albums first in Asia, around Christmas time.

That’s the case again with the band’s tenth CD “Ten Tangerine Tales”, which will be available in Europe on January 25, 2013.

Singer and songwriter Mikael Erlandsson is a real workaholic. Recently he released an album with his new band ‘Lover Under Cover’ and was also involved in some other productions where he was doing guest vocals (for example Sapphire Eyes).

Hi has written the half of the songs this time with the help of outside songwriters, while the rest were penned by talented drummer Jamie Borger.

As on the previous album, “Ten Tangerine Tales” shows Last Autumn’s Dream definitely turned Melodic Rock.

There’s a couple of Melodic Hard tracks like the excellent “New York Rain” (one of the highlights) and “It’s Magic”, but the rest of the material is pure Scandi Melodic oriented.

Really solid tracks in “Pickin’ Up The Pieces”, “Lie To My Heart”, the soaring “My Final Love Song” and the AOR ballad “When I Found You” (love this one).

They are looking fo some new sonic explorations adding cellos in “Preludium – The Man I Used To Be”, but just for the embellishment of the arrangements, as this is a pure melodious track.

Last Autumn’s Dream never fails delivering quality Melodic Rock, and “Ten Tangerine Tales” is not the exception.

This band knows how to write pleasant melodies and execute them with class and top musicianship. Production is warm and brilliant, even better than the in precedent album.

If you can’t wait for the Euro release, I recommend you to pick the Korean version than the Japanese because is cheaper and also includes the exclusive Asian bonus track “Rebel Rouser”, a good The Sweet cover song.

“Ten Tangerine Tales” = Satisfaction Guaranteed.

01. Ten Tangerine Tales

02. Pickin’ Up The Pieces

03. 2nd Look

04. For You

05. Preludium – The Man I Used To Be

06. I Will See You Thru

07. When I Found You

08. Lie To My Heart

09. New York Rain

10. It’s Magic

11. Rebel Rouser (Japanese Bonus Track)

12. My Final Love Song

Mikael Erlandsson – lead and backing vocals, keyboards

Andy Malecek – lead guitar

Jamie Borger – drums, backing vocals, acoustic guitar

Nalley Pahlsson – bass, backing vocals

Peter Pac Saderstrom – rhythm & additional guitars

Ulf Wahlberg – additional keyboards

Fred Lindberg – cello on 5, 8

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - Ten Tangerine Tales [Japan release] (2013) back cover


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Muito boa essa banda, valeu!

  2. Anonymous says:

    muito boa essa banda! valeu

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the post, appreciate it.

  4. Miguel Angel says:

    Thank you, I love this band and I always like to hear the Japanese bonus before choosing which copy buy, japan or european.

    Again, thank you very much, you are amazing.

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