STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN – The Fire Meets The Fury (2012)

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN - The Fire Meets The Fury (2012)


We try here bring to you the best releases, selecting among tons of albums. A high percentage is discarded, only the worth to investigate or must have are posted, that’s why you only see positive reviews, more or less.

But that implies listening all; the good, the bad and the ugly. And you get a bit intoxicated. When this happens, I go for a classic artist quite beyond my usual favorites genres.

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN is one of them. Then I found that I didn’t listened yet this recent release; “The Fire Meets The Fury”.

This s a radio broadcast of Stevie a few months before he died in the period after he got cleaned up. It sounds like analogue to digital conversion with no real remixing and as such the sound quality is not equivalent to modern recordings, but still is A+.

But boy, Stevie’s performance both vocally is playing is blisteringly hot.

I have everything by Stevie and this recording has captured his playing at his best. It jumps out of the speakers and grabs you by the throat.

If you don’t like live albums, forget this preconception, this is not a recording initially intended to be sold.

If you don’t like SRV, well, then you need a doctor.

“The Fire Meets The Fury” is Rock and Roll in its purest form.

Highly Recommended

STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN - The Fire Meets The Fury (2012) back cover


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  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks a lot, and happy new year!!
    All the best, Kyle.

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