SHANNON – Circus Of Lost Souls (2013)

SHANNON - Circus Of Lost Souls (2013) mp3 download


Some of our fellow Melodic Rock readers (especially the ones around their thirties and above) must remember French Melodic Hard Rockers SHANNON and their good self-titled debut album in 2003.

The quintet formed fifteen years ago released a second album in 2007 and since then they slightly hardened their sound.

After a rhythm section change and several tours, Shannon will release the third album entitled “Circus Of Lost Souls”, on March 1st 2013.

The classic Melodic Rock of Shannon’s beginnings is now flavored with strong doses of powerful European Hard Rock. Think Pink Cream 69, Shakra, Gotthard, Jaded Heart and alikes.

This new CD “Circus Of Lost Souls” sees the band tighter than ever delivering a music as powerful as melodic through groovy guitar riffs, smashing bass and drums, high-rise keyboard injections and some infectious choruses.

Shannon must be doing things right as this recording features impressive stellar guests; Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Lionel Blanc & Roland Pierrehumbert (Sideburn), Paul Sabu, Tony Mills (Shy, TNT) and Mike Freeland, Chris & Tino Troy (Praying Mantis). Wow.

And indeed, they have done things right, as “Circus Of Lost Souls” is a roller coaster of wonderful energetic Melodic Hard Rockers that does not stop until the end.

Songs like the anthemic “Ride To Live”, “Let’s Make Rock” and “Dust To Dust” or the melodious “Halfway To Heaven”, “Drive Me Crazy” and “Death On The Run” sport titles that speak for themselves.

The proceedings turn more Hard in the vibrating “Forever Now”, “Don’t Get Me Wrong” or “Kick It Down” all surrounded by vintage, classic keyboards, sharper guitars and toned up vocalizations.

All are incredibly effective, melodic and powerful at the same time.

But if have to choose favorites in this very good CD my picks are in the opposite sides of the spectrum; one of them is the monster Melodic Hard Rock of “I Don’t Need You Anymore”. This is a killer tune to die for, plenty of devastating melodic riffs, punchy keys, epic backing vocals and terrific solos.

The other is the emotive and gorgeously constructed ballad “Can’t Stop The Rain” where the always solid Harry Hess contributes his splendid vocals.

For the end Shannon does a cover of the Bronski Beat synth-pop classic “Smalltown Boy” which it’s ok, yet it was not necessary in this rockin’ album.

Shannon have surpassed themselves in an extraordinary level with “Circus Of Lost Souls”.

I was not expecting an album of such quality in all departments; the songs are catchy, overwhelming, tremendously powerful, plenty of polished energy. The musicianship is neat, solid as a rock, and the production BIG and sharp.

“Circus Of Lost Souls” is better, much better than many recent releases from established Melodic Hard Rock acts, raising the bar for Shannon’s future.


01. Ride To Live

02. Forever Now

03. Halfway To Heaven

04. Can’t Stop The Rain

05. Don’t Get Me Wrong

06. Dust To Dust

07. Death On The Run

08. Let’s Make Rock

09. Kick It Down

10. I Don’t Need You Anymore

11. In Your Eyes

12. Drive Me Crazy

13. Smalltown Boy (Bronski Beat cover)

Olivier Del Valle – lead vocal

Thierry Dagnicourt – keyboards & backing vocals

Patrice Louis – guitar & backing vocals

Philippe Sassard – bass & backing vocals

Jean Marc Anzil – drums

Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) – duet on 4

Lionel Blanc & R. Pierrehumbert (Sideburn) – Guest on 8

Paul Sabu – Guest on 1, 3, 10

Tony Mills (Shy, TNT) – Guest on 2, 6

Mike Freeland, Chris & Tino Troy (Praying Mantis) – Guest on 11


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