SLAM BANG – Everyday Is A Party (2013)

SLAM BANG - Everyday Is A Party (2013) mp3 download


SLAM BANG’s first single ‘Naked And Stoned’ was already presented here at 0dayrockz in December in one of this year’s advanced releases sampler, and now we have their full length CD “Everyday Is A Party”.

This Chicago based quartet were formed in 2007 and have released three albums so far, being “Everyday Is A Party” their fourth and last with lead vocalist & guitarist Jeff Swan who moved to California to pursue his future dreams.

I never heard about Slam Bang before, and it’s a pity because these raucous rockers play adrenalitic Hard Rock from the heart.

Featuring members of Hot Ash, the infamous Metal Shop, Raine and Slave Driver, Slam Bang have shared the stage with a number of great bands including Y&T, Jackyl, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns among others, and precisely these are the influences in their musical recipe.

“Everyday Is A Party” is pure sweaty, bluesy rooted Hard Rock with a party drivin’ style focused on intense duel guitar attack. The sound is thick and in your face.

Main lead singer Jeff Swan delivers vivacious vocals with an effective range over the gripping six-string work and smashing rhythm section.

Songs such as “Hit It” and “When The Lights Go Down” have an infectious groove, while other numbers like “You & I” and “Somebody New” have a heavier punch to them.

“Naked and Stoned” offers a catchy party vibe with a great hook, same with the title track “Everyday is a Party” plowed in the Y&T style.

There’s no place for syruped ballads here, maybe the closest is “She’s Calling Out Your Name” which starts with clean guitars but later the full-toned Gibson duet takes over the scene, in a melodic way though.

“Everyday Is A Party” is an enjoyable American Hard Rock album with honest songs played with enthusiasm and vitality.

The guys in Slam Bang are obviously experienced musicians who surely have passed countless hours in the road and on many stages and venues, and that is something noticeable in their playing and overall delivering: no frills Rock ‘N Roll.

Good Rockin’ stuff.

01 – Naked and Stoned

02 – Everyday Is A Party

03 – Somebody New

04 – When The Lights Go Down

05 – Hit It

06 – You and I

07 – She’s Calling Out Your Name

Jeff Swan – lead and backing vocals, guitars

Bill Gingrich – lead and backing vocals, bass

Frankie Lee – guitars, backing vocals

Bob Cozza – drums


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