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As it has been said many times, Rock ‘N Roll has no boundaries.

TOXIC HEART is a hard rockin’ band from Slovenia presenting their debut “Ride Your Life” to the world. The album was recorded in 2009 and released in their homeland only.

Later went into the major digital retailers for a while (currently not available) and now at this very beginning of 2013 is being properly released world-wide by on CD.

Invoking the best Melodic Hard Rock sounds from past, mostly the raucous 1980’s, Toxic Heart blends infectious vocal arrangements with clever melodic hooks and exceptional musicianship to create a class act.

The Toxic boys have perfectly learned the lessons from Quiet Riot’s party rock, early Def Leppard choruses and Scorpions’ precision guitar work and crossed everything with the more modern approach of Wig Wam.

The guys in the band definitely are children of the eighties but they’ve taken the old glam rock sound and brought it into the 21st century, cheesy lyrics intact.

Toxic Heart’s music lives and dies on the guitar riffs written and laid down by Mike (yes, the members are only credited by first name). Mike’s guitars are for the most part awesome. He lays down some great rhythm lines and solid solos, pulling out almost every trick in the rock guitar bible and executing perfectly.

Mike also delivers some crunchy and chuggy stuff, mellow acoustic pieces, well-crafted leaping and spiraling solos, and some pure chaotic noise breaks.

Vocalist Axl is also very solid, owner of a good dynamic range and would have been a perfect fit in almost any of the good ol’ classic hard / glam rock bands.

Bass player Rider and drummer Mogy (now replaced by GG) provide the bottom end quite competently, but neither gets a chance to truly shine since the guitars and vocals dominate the music.

Both Rider and Mogy seem to be as talented as the others, hopefully they will be give the spotlight as the band’s songwriting skills improve.

Title track “Ride Your Life” is a rip snorting hard rock anthem if ever I have heard one. With a cutting guitar riff, hooks a plenty, its uplifting lyrical message and an action packed funfilled video clip (as can be viewed below), it’s a song that is sure to grab the attention of many. Pure ’80s!

Rewinding to the opening track, “Ticket” is in a similar vein; it’s upbeat, catchy as hell and dominated by a kick ass guitar riff.

Other highlights are the great arena rock choruses on “New Generation”, “Love Is For Fools” would have been a huge hit in 1989, while the soaring harmonies on “The One” are truly infectious.

There’s heartfelt – albeit sappy – lyrics on the midtempo-ballad “Baby” but you can’t resist its classic Melodic Rock feel.

I hear touches of American sleazy rock on “One Night Stand” and “Makin’ Me Bad”, not bad at all, but I prefer the band rockin’ in their melodic side.

Toxic Heart has brought a fresh gleam to the ’80s Hard, Melodic Rock and Glam music bringing back the big arena rock hooks with all the blistering glitz.

It doesn’t matter where they have born, these guys can actually compose catchy songs and play with great enthusiasm, and the sense of fun fills all their music. It is also a pleasure to just turn your brain off and just get into the music without having to deal with songs about war, crime, politics or the other evils of society.

Much like a summer bubble-gum movie, “Ride Your Life” is pure fun without any deep concepts, just Rock ‘N Roll about love, sex, parties, booze and cars.

Production, mixing and engineering are very good as well; the clarity of both instruments and vocals is crisp and refreshing.

Toxic Heart is here to spread good times, positive energy and ‘Life is here to Enjoy’ way of thinking.

Highly Recommended.

01 – Ticket

02 – New Generation

03 – Love Is For Fools

04 – The One

05 – Ride Your Life

06 – Eyes Of A Broken Man

07 – Big Time

08 – Baby

09 – Makin’ Me Bad

10 – One Night Stand

11 – Like The Way I Feel

Gitars: Mike

Vocals: Axl

Bass: Rider

Drums: Mogy, GG


5 Responses

  1. 0dayrockz says:

    You are right.
    This is how it was sent by a collaborator, we're trying to contact him to fix it.
    Thanks for the report.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the awesome music!

    Just downloaded and was listening to this album and noticed something odd:

    Track 3 "Love Is For Fools" seems to actually be the same as Track 11 "Like The Way I Feel"

    Any way to get a repost for this?


  3. Anonymous says:

    wow, there are some really great tracks on this disc.


  4. 0dayrockz says:

    @ Kyle:
    You're right.
    A couple of other riffs reminds me some famous Scorpions songs.

  5. Kyle says:

    Hi 0day,

    Such a big radar you've got!
    Thanks for the post. Call me devil in disguise, but the riff of Ride your life is a copy/paste of one of the 80's big ones, Sleeze Beez – Stranger than paradise []


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