PARAGON – Danger Calls (2013)

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The story goes that Melodic Rockers PARAGON were formed early in 1984 by musicians from Canada, Arizona and Southern California, played in the Bay Area throughout the decade and early ’90s and even released an indie miniLP, but never got signed by a major label.
However, Paragon recorded most of their original material during those years and now are being released for the first time on a CD entitled “Danger Calls”.

Not to be confused with the nineties Indianapolis grunge-hard band of the same name, this Paragon plays ’80s US Melodic Rock / Pompy AOR in the vein of Journey and Roadmaster.
Originally a four piece including guitarist Brett Sandberg, bass player Jimmy ‘Limbean’ Stage, drummer Beto Trevizo and band leader keyboardist Ric Hancock who also handled the lead vocal duties, they added frontman Mark Akkett and became a five-piece later on.

“Danger Calls” features all Paragon recordings, including the 4-track miniLP from 1985 never available on digital format, 12 tracks recorded during the eighties at different studios, 2 tracks from 1991 featuring lead singer Mark Akkett, and as bonus the song “2000 Warriors” off Ric Hancock’s solo album featuring Brett Sandberg on lead guitar released in 2001 on the indie label Night Writer Records.

This is very classy material, as said, in the Journey style with tons of Pompy keyboards, pianos and synths, slick guitar work, layered harmonies and very Steve Perry-like lead vocals.
The later material is more straight US Melodic Rock, oriented to hooky choruses still retaining their signature guitar / keys interplay.
Production is as good as it gets for an indie recording with some tracks enginereed and produced by Gary Mallaber (Eddie Money, Steve Miller), quite well remastered from the original master tapes.
A really nice trip back to the glorious ’80s!

01 – Danger Calls

02 – Joanne

03 – Lonely Dancer

04 – Planet Earth

05 – I Am Not A Fool

06 – Rock ‘n’ Roll Musicians

07 – It’s Not Too Late

08 – Whatever It Takes

09 – She’s A Dream

10 – There You Go

11 – Knight To End All Knights

12 – 2000 Warriors

13 – With You

14 – Summertime

15 – A Friend In Need

16 – Cra Di Coricarsi

17 – Don’t Leave Me Tonight

18 – Run Children

Ric Hancock – Vocals, Keyboards

Brett Sandberg – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jim Stage (Limbean) – Bass

Beto Trevizo – Drums, Backing Vocals

Mark Akkett – Vocals (17, 18)

PARAGON - Danger Calls (2013) back cover


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  1. Anonymous says:

    classic stuff, didn't know about them

  2. Anonymous says:

    Neal Schon anybody?
    love it!

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