SERENITY – War Of Ages [Limited Edition] (2013)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


I am not a big fan of Symphonic Metal yet I have to admit when the genre it’s well done there’s some really interesting musical landscapes to explore.

Austria’s SERENITY is one of those few bands in this field that caught my attention with the last album two years ago, as they started to expand the horizons to a more melodic territory.

Now, with their brand new release “War Of Ages” – although retaining traditional Sympho overtones – the group definitely lands into a very melodic, commercially appealing style that will please fans of all genres.

And what a great album it is.

Often compared in the past with acts such as Kamelot and latter day Sonata Artica, Serenity now is drastically much more interesting than these bands, more flexible, melodic and I’d say: elegant.

The musicianship is outstanding as the band is a tight well-oiled machine and the quality of their songwriting is truly remarkable.

Lyrically “War of Ages” is partly a concept record, which delves deep into historical battles and wars. Dealing with the likes of Napoleon, Alexander the Great and Henry VIII the lyrics are intelligent, insightful and not filled with the typical clichés of the genre.

Serenity has permanently hired Clémentine Delauney, a female vocalist to enrich their sound even more, but the star of this band is incredible singer Georg Neuhauser.

This man’s voice has been touched by the angels, just listen his tremendous performance on “For Freedom’s Sake” or in one of this Limited Edition bonus tracks; “Love Of My Life”, a cover of Freddie Mercury’s Queen most lovable tunes.

Each song stands out and showcases the band writing devastating riffs, gorgeous symphonic parts and vocal melodies that are infectious. Highlights are “Tannenberg”, “The Art of War” and crushing opener “Wings of Madness”, but that’s is just to name some in this complete, always captivating recording.

Perhaps the regular edition closing track “Royal Pain” is which perfectly exemplifies Serenity’s style. This is the epitome of what they are trying to accomplish and the back and forth chemistry between the two vocalists is outstanding. Halfway through we are treated to a stunning lead guitar solo by Thomas Buchberger, who also does a notable job in the entire disc.

With the release of “War Of Ages” Serenity moved themselves from a mid-level typical Symphonic Metal band to the top of the heap.

Not too overly heavy, the sound in this new stage of the band is clearly oriented to melody without giving the energy. The songs are focused and memorable. The more listens and the deeper you dig, the better the album becomes.

“War Of Ages” features the best batch of songs in this genre I’ve heard in years, and surely will please listeners from other styles with ease.

Brilliant stuff.

01. Wings Of Madness

02. The Art Of War

03. Shining Oasis

04. For Freedom’s Sake

05. Age Of Glory

06. The Matricide

07. Symphony For The Quiet

08. Tannenberg

09. Legacy Of Tudors

10. Royal Pain

Limited Edition Bonus Tracks:

11. Fairytales (Piano Version)

12. Love Of My Life [Queen cover]

Georg Neuhauser – Vocals

Clementine Delauney – Vocals

Thomas Buchberger – Guitars

Fabio D’Amore – Bass

Mario Hirzinger – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Andreas Schipflinger – Drums, Backing Vocals


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm also not a big fan of symphonic metal. I decided to give a chance to Serenity because of the Love of my Life cover, as Queen is one of my favorite bands. Ironically, imho, the weakest track is just that cover, while the other tracks are very interesting and captivating.

    Thanks. 🙂

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