BAD SEED RISING – A Place Called Home (2015)

BAD SEED RISING - A Place Called Home (2015) full)


We presented some weeks ago BAD SEED RISING, from Maryland, US. Although the band’s members are apparently all under 20 years of age, the group are already releasing their third EP entitled “A Place Called Home“.
Bad Seed Rising is the youngest band ever signed by the storied Roadrunner Records (a subsidiary of the major label Atlantic) in its 34-year history.

The band, which is made up of girl Francheska Pastor (vocals/guitar), Mason Gainer (guitar), Louey Peraza (bass), and Aiden Marceron (drums), two weeks ago have played at the world-famous M3 Rock Festival (for the third year in a row) sharing the stage with Black ‘N Blue, Tyketto, Rhino Bucket and Killer Dwarfs.
Yes, Bad Seed Rising’s sound is modern but strongly inspired by ’80s hard rock.

BAD SEED RISING - A Place Called Home (2015) inside

New EP “A Place Called Home” follow the musical steps of the previous (posted here on the blog) but the guys have clearly grown in terms of musicianship.
The guitar riffs are more elaborated, the drumming more fluid and the overall arrangements tighter.
Bad Seed Rising have been compared with Halestorm, and you can say that on opener “It’s My Time”, a cool rocker with punctuate guitars gang backing vocals.

“Carry On” turn things melodic though the main riff is broken, followed by the retro structures of “Six Feet Below”, and later by the riotous “Mess”, sounding like The Runaways transported to 2015.
The pretty angry “Six Feet Below” is the hardest track on the EP, and perhaps the best, delivering a dark atmosphere and groovy ’80s riffs, before ending with the quite commercial “Disappear”, offering the best lead vocals by Francheska Pastor, inspired by many great female singers.

BAD SEED RISING - A Place Called Home (2015) cd photo

Bad Seed Rising has a very ’80s vibe yet a modern rock sound that 17-year-old Francheska Pastor’s voice seems to be made for. New EP “A Place Called Home” shows a clear evolution from all members, and lots of attitude.
These guys are more than a promise now, and if this modernized – yet classic rock structures – helps to bring young listeners to the traditional melodic hard rock, they are more than welcomed.

1 – It’s My Time
2 – Carry On
3 – Six Feet Below
4 – Mess
5 – ADHD
6 – Disappear

Francheska Pastor – vocals, guitar
Mason Gainer – guitar
Louey Peraza – bass
Aiden Marceron – drums


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