YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN – Trilogy [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] Out Of Print

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Trilogy [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] Out Of Print - full

The best, most celebrated ’80s albums from the mighty YNGWIE MALMSTEEN have been requested here in its Japanese remastered versions on high quality SHM-CD. All these cardboard sleeve MiniLP replica releases are out of print now.
Let’s go with the great “Trilogy“.

Yngwie’s third solo album “Trilogy” found him hitting his technical peak. The guitar playing here is above top notch, and easily blows everything else out of the water. What’s more, is that this album, despite the greatness of the previous Marching Out, is the foundation of the ‘Yngwie sound’.
Every Yngwie album made after this can be easily heard in “Trilogy”.

Always pushing the limits and far from the comfort zone, Yngwie recruited a new vocalist in Mark Boals. Most artists would have keep the great Jeff Scott Soto as frontman – if ain’t broken, don’t fix it – but the Swedish guitarist was lookong for something new.
We have a fairly good mix of songs here, ranging from slow (Dark Ages) to fast (Liar). ‘Liar’ and ‘Fury’, the two uptempo songs, kick absolute ass. They pretty much form the basis of all future uptempo lyrical matter. We also have some more midtempo treats (Magic Mirror, Fire) which possess brutally inspired licks and solos.

Of course, we have here the terrific ‘You Don’t Remember’, the first ‘true’ commercial Yngwie song, and I love it.
And then… there’s the little masterpiece. Any misgivings about this album are instantly eased by ‘Trilogy Suite op. 5’. Jesus Christ this song is awesome. While it is indeed 9 minutes of shredding, isn’t that what we listen to Malmsteen instrumentals for? However, for those who don’t like 9 minutes of shredding, it’s got substance too. It’s really melodic and has a beautiful acoustic section in the middle, amidst the Stratocaster madness.
It must be noted as well that the keyboards are equally awesome, and get several solo spots in between Malmsteen’s shred-fests. If a song defined shred, it would be this.

The other members of the band shouldn’t be skirted. Anders Johansson, simply put, is a beast. His drumming radiates power, and has only gotten better since Marching Out.
And we have Mark Boals, one of the most ‘powerful in control’ vocalists in the genre. I’ve seen the man live, and never miss a note. “Trilogy” wouldn’t be the same without Mark Boals.

All in all, “Trilogy” defines Yngwie’s career better than any album. It’s heavy, it’s melodic, it’s shred, all delivered with an incredible pristine sound.
An that sound is fully appreciated in this excellent remaster, part of the Yngwie Malmsteen’s Japanese SHM-CD / miniLP reissue series released four years ago – and now out of print.


Universal Japan ~ UICY-93549 【LTD SHM-CD】
Y N G W I E   M A L M S T E E N 『 トリロジ 』

01 – You Don’t Remember, I’ll Never Forget
02 – Liar
03 – Queen In Love
04 – Crying
05 – Fury
06 – Fire
07 – Magic Mirror
08 – Dark Ages
09 – Trilogy Suite Op:5

Yngwie Malmsteen – guitars, Taurus pedal, bass
Mark Boals – vocals
Jens Johansson – keyboard, arrangement assistance
Anders Johansson – drums


Out Of Print

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