HEART ATTACK – Heart Revolution

HEART ATTACK - Heart Revolution (2015) full

Heart Revolution” is the full length debut of HEART ATTACK, a Greek quintet inspired by the ’80s melodic hard rock / AOR scene with influences from American & European acts.
Founded by experienced musicians as George Drimilis (ex- Raging Storm) and bassist Nikos Michalakakos (Spitfire), Heart Attack’s first record was produced by lately busy man in this matter Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud) and mixed / mastered by famed Tommy Hansen (Pretty Maids, Helloween, Rage, etc.) at Jailhouse Studios in Denmark.

There’s a flourishing melodic hard rock / AOR scene in Greece with acts such as Wild Rose, Osukaru or Outloud carrying the flag of the genre. Add Heart Attack to the list, as these guys present here pure ’80s eleven tracks full of catchy rhythms and easy-listening refrains, all really dynamic and melodic.
The band has been around for five years now gaining experience in the local circuit and having opened for loved bands like Newman, Outloud, Work of Art, Danger Angel, Wild Rose or Hungry Heart and and recorded an EP.

On a musical scale, Heart Attack has a lot of great qualities. Guitarist Stefanos Georgitsopoulos has a sharp style that is melodic and flashy, not too shred-oriented but certainly in a hero mold on uplifting tracks like “Tell Me” and the mid-tempo swinging “Stalker”.
Many of the keyboard stabs and fills are also delivered with a typical Eighties flair performed by female musician Lila Moka who also provides some lead vocals on the verses and supplements George Drimilis on choruses creating a nice effect.

HEART ATTACK - Heart Revolution (2015) full

Speaking of George, he sings with style ranging from a mid-range tone to some helium-orientation which work fine for the most part, however some may wish for a little bit more depth and grit to carry certain songs, as on the guitar driven “Under Your Spell” and the title track.

“Playing with Fire” is one of the numbers where both vocalists work together in an effective way, resulting in one of the best tunes of the record with a slightly H.E.A.T feel. Also on “Living A Lie” the pair complement themselves is a very harmonic output.
“China Blue” is really smooth with a strong AOR feel resembling some Red Dawn / Strangways vibe, of course not the same league of these great acts but in the right musical direction.

And of course what album in this genre would be complete without a power ballad to change the mood and showcase the band’s sensitive side – “(You’re a) Nightmare” fills that slot and brings to mind a lot of Def Leppard qualities in terms of the clean to heavy buildups & harmonies.

HEART ATTACK - Heart Revolution (2015) cd photo

“Heart Revolution” it’s definitely a really positive start for this promising Greek melodic hard rock / AOR combo.
Heart Attack needs to improve many things yet, but the band is on the right path. The songs are strong and catchy, and all are fine musicians. However, despite of having two talented men at charge of the recording (Katsionis / Hansen), production could be a lot better. Obviously that’s due to the low budget (Greece is under a profound economic crisis), and something to fix in the next album.

All in all, Heart Attack’s “Heart Revolution” will please all melodic hard rock / AOR fans out there. It’s inspired in the best era of the genre, and you know what it means.
Two thumbs up.

01 – Falling Apart
02 – Under Your Spell
03 – Stalker
04 – Playing With Fire
05 – China Blue
06 – Livin’ A Lie
07 – Tell Me
08 – (You’re a) Nightmare
09 – Chase The Dream
10 – Heart Attack
11 – Hellenic Forces (Bonus Track)

George Drimilis: Vocals
Stefanos Georgitsopoulos: Guitar
Lila Moka: Keyboards, Vocals
Nikos Michalakakos: Bass
Mitso McBrain: Drums


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