SISTERS DOLL – All Dolled Up (2017)

SISTERS DOLL - All Dolled Up (2017) full

After their promising debut, Aussie glamsters SISTERS DOLL are back with their new album “All Dolled Up“, a very fun, entertaining slice of retro ’80d Sunset Strip stuff.
You would probably call bullshit if, after one listen, I told you this band is made up of three bothers — all around the 20 years old. How about this… can Sisters Doll pay homage to ’80s glam even if none of them were born until after 1986?
You can call bullshit all you want because these brothers have done just that — and they have done it well.

“All Dolled Up” is a collection of hook and energy glammy / hair metal riffs that would have ruled the late Eighties. The sound is young (in a good way) and the songwriting is mature (also in a good way).
Since the first, title track, Sisters Doll captures the sound of… pick one, Poison, Ratt, etc, and at places, more melodic stuff such as Firehouse or Alice Cooper’s Trash era, and is accompanied by an image that is heavy on the lipstick and leather.
This is the sound that reminds you just about every ‘dollhouse’ experience (aka strip club) you’ve had post five drinks.

‘Johnny’ brings back Firehouse approved riffs, while ‘Old Enough’ has some Warrant to it. Do you need catchiness? Grab ‘Good Day to Be Alive’ with its feel-good lyrics, ‘Young Forever’ is a melodic statement to its title, while the polished ‘Boulevard of Dreams’ even has a bit of Bon Jovi.
The bluesy feel of ‘Strutt’ adds a nice touch to the album as well as midtempo ‘Together as One’ and the power ballad ‘Hurricane’, very Poison-ish.

SISTERS DOLL - All Dolled Up (2017) inside

Rock legend Bruce Kulick features on the rocking ‘Young Wild & Free’ and delivers a great classic solo performance rounding out a kicking song which, for me, validates that this band is more than just an influenced ‘Eighties’ sound wannabe.

There are way more hits than misses on Sisters Doll’s “All Dolled Up” and I especially like the innocence to the songs that is probably directly related to the band members’ youth.
No, this is not an album you throw on after you just did your last bump and are waiting for your escort to knock on the door. Instead this is the album you give to your kids after they bring home boy band music (breaking your heart) to teach them about rock and roll — without pulling out some ‘old man music’ like Motley Crue or Ratt.
I enjoyed the album and love the fact that this band exists… it is encouraging!

01 – All Dolled Up
02 – Johnny
03 – Good Day to Be Alive
04 – Boulevard of Dreams
05 – Together as One
06 – Strutt
07 – Hurricane
08 – Young, Wild & Free (feat. Bruce Kulick)
09 – Old Enough
10 – Dancing with the Devil
11 – Young Forever
12 – Seen the Light
13 – Moon & Back

Brennan Mileto (vocals, guitar)
Austin Mileto (bass, backing vocals)
Bryce Mileto (drums, backing vocals)
guest musician:
Bruce Kulick (lead guitar on track 08)


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