TOSELAND – Fingers Burned EP (2017)

TOSELAND - Fingers Burned EP (2017) full

James TOSELAND has his fingers burned on his new 7-inch release “Fingers Burned“, a four-track EP with a simple and effective cover. An EP that offers the title track we heard on Cradle The Rage album released last year, plus 3 new, previously unreleased tracks.

This is a time and age where artists don’t release a physical CD-single + video anymore. Toseland has did it.
You want big? You got big. “Fingers Burned” — the new video from Toseland — is upon us, and the song is an epic ballad pitched somewhere in the direction of Guns N’ Roses November Rain. The only things missing are a helicopter budget and the windswept soloing.
It features string sections, multiple key changes, a soaring guitar solo and a fake ending followed by a towering climax, and then a fade that slowly peters into dust.
It’s completely, undeniably epic.

Then we have the new track called ‘Bullet’ that was recorded during the sessions of Toseland’s last album, a previously unreleased cut. A cool, catchy hard rocker.
The third is a cover from a song by a band called The Teardrop Explodes, and then we find a great acoustic version of ‘We’ll Stop at Nothing’, previously unreleased as well.

In a time when it’s getting harder to sell music on physical format, Toseland has released a really nice 7” EP plus a very well done video. Obviously his recording label has a lot faith put in the musician, and I can hear why, because Toseland as band is becoming a serious hard rock machine.
Very Recommended

01 – Fingers Burned
02 – Bullet
03 – Reward
04 – We’ll Stop at Nothing (Acoustic Version)

James Toseland – Vocals
Zurab Melua – Guitar
Ed Bramford – Guitar
Roger Davis – Bass
Joe Yoshida – Drums


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