AUTOGRAPH – The Anthology [rarities 2CD]

AUTOGRAPH - The Anthology [rarities 2CD] full

AUTOGRAPH, one of the most notable acts from the ’80s hair metal golden years, brings us from their vaults “The Anthology“. This double CD release includes all the band’s hits on their prime versions plus a bunch of rarities.

“The Anthology” features the original studio demo version of the band’s monster hit single ‘Turn Up The Radio’ plus more pre-Sign In Please recordings which landed the group a major label deal with RCA in 1984.

Disc 1 “Studio Demos 1983-1988” consists of almost 2 / 3 of the material appeared into Autograph’s first three records: ‘Sign In Please’, ‘That’s The Stuff’ and ‘Loud And Clear’.
All these tracks are pre-production demos / earlier versions (with very good sound quality), including their biggest hit ‘Turn Up The Radio’. It’s funny to hear this song with a twist in the lyrics.

The second CD “Buzz & Beyond” offers rare songs from the 2nd incarnation of the band when leader Steve Plunkett added to the line-up drummer Matt Laug (Slash), excellent virtuoso guitarist T. J. Helmerich (Dwezil Zappa, Planet X), and Alice Cooper / John Waite bass player Lance Morrison.

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Autograph’s “The Anthology” is a must have release to any collector and fans of the good, catchy hair / soft metal genre.

Disc 1 : Studio Demos 1983-1988
1. Turn Up The Radio (Demo Version)
2. Send Her To Me (Demo Version)
3. Nineteen And Non-Stop (Demo Version)
4. Deep End (Demo Version)
5. Friday (Demo Version)
6. All I’m Gonna Take (Demo Version)
7. Cloud
8. In The Night (Demo Version)
9. Angel In Black
10. All Night Long
11. Heartattack
12. When I’m Gone
13. I’ve Got You
14. One-Way Dead-End Street
15. Sanctuary
16. Sweet Temptation
17. Love Comes Easy
18. Angela

Disc 2 : Buzz & Beyond
1. Break A Sweat
2. Shake The Tree
3. She’s The Reason
4. Fed Up With Bein’ Down
5. That
6. Party Like We Did
7. Buzz
8. Like It Hot
9. Heart Raper
10. Can’t Stop Rockin’
11. Turn Up The Radio (Unplugged)
12. Turn Up The Radio (Alternate Electric Version)

Steve Plunkett – Vocals, Guitar, Synths
Steve Lynch – Guitar
Randy Rand – Bass
Steven Isham – Keyboards
Keni Richards – Drums
T. J. Helmerich – Guitar
Lance Morrison – Bass
Matt Laug – Drums


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