ROCKARMA – Bring It! [Japanese Edition +1]

ROCKARMA - Bring It! [Japanese Edition +1] full

This is another request, Canadian rockers ROCKARMA second album “Bring It!“, in its Japanese Edition (not easy to find) featuring different artwork and an exclusive bonus track.

Do yo like Firehouse? Slaughter? early Harem Scarem? Danger Danger?
Then you’ll love Rockarma’s “Bring It!”. Nothin’ more to say, really.
This album appeared ten years ago takes us back to the good ole days when this sort of music was blasting from every car stereo.

Rockarma is a fantastic band; flashy guitar playing, great vocals, catchy as hell songs but so loaded with superb hooks. The songwriting of these guys is spectacular, straight from the 1986-89 book.

ROCKARMA - Bring It! [Japanese Edition +1] back

The energy is blasting out of the speakers on every song. I don’t dare to pick out a single song as I really like ’em all.
One of the best ’80s inspired hair / glammy melodic hard rock albums of the new Millenium.
HIGHLY Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Bad June
02 – Between You And Me
03 – All For You
04 – Get Me Outta This Hole
05 – I Know
06 – Missing You
07 – Bring It!
08 – Here After
09 – Feels Like I’m Falling
10 – Let’s Go
11 – That’s All
12 – Same Ol Song
13 – Tell Me Why (Japan bonus track)

Damon Kelly – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Pete Fry – lead guitar
Jeff Kahn – bass, vocals
Chris Ryan – drums, vocals


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