DEEP PURPLE – Fire In The Sky [Japan Edition 3-CD Career-Spanning remastered] (2018)

DEEP PURPLE - Fire In The Sky [Japan Edition 3-CD Career-Spanning remastered] (2018) full

DEEP PURPLE stands alongside Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath as part of the Holy Trinity of British hard rock. The list of the band’s classic songs is legion, and the influence it’s had on successive generations of musicians is both enduring and remarkable.
To celebrate Deep Purple’s 50th Anniversary and their upcoming Japanese tour in October, Warner Music Japan just released “Fire In The Sky”, a career-spanning 3-CD box including the band’s best, fully remastered.

Each CD includes a selection of songs chosen from the 19 Deep Purple studio albums the band recorded between 1968 and 2013. All are original versions, not edited as happened on many ‘best of’ releases.
This three-disc box dives deeper into Deep Purple’s past with 40 songs and includes at least one track from every studio album through “Now What?!”

It also provides the ultimate showcase for the group’s various incarnations through the years. To date, more than a dozen musicians have appeared on a Deep Purple album.

Among the set’s many highlights are the title track from 2005’s “Rapture Of The Deep”; “King Of Dreams” from 1990’s “Slaves And Masters”; “Bad Attitude” from 1987’s “The House Of Blue Light”; “You Keep On Moving” from 1975’s “Come Taste The Band”; and “Hush” from the group’s 1968 debut, “Shades Of Deep Purple”.
Also included is the Kevin Shirley’s 2010 remix of “Dealer”, and the 2012 stereo mix for an early version of “The Bird Has Flown”.

DEEP PURPLE - Fire In The Sky [Japan Edition 3-CD Career-Spanning remastered] (2018) - back

I think “A Fire In The Sky” is must have Deep Purple collection. Especially Disc 3 is some kind of a great mix between all the Purple best songs and the ‘inside tracks’ you probably don’t have yet.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

D E E P   P U R P L E 2018 TOUR

Disc One:
01. Hell To Pay
02. Vincent Price
03. Wrong Man
04. Rapture Of The Deep
05. Sun Goes Down
06. Any Fule Kno That
07. Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
08. Vavoom: Ted The Mechanic
09. The Battle Rages On
10. King Of Dreams
11. Call Of The Wild
12. Bad Attitude
13. Knocking At Your Back Door
16. Perfect Strangers

Disc Two:
01. You Keep On Moving
02. Dealer (2010 Kevin Shirley Remix)
03. Stormbringer
04. Soldier Of Fortune
05. Mistreated
06. Might Just Take Your Life
07. Burn
08. Rat Bat Blue
09. Woman From Tokyo
10. Space Truckin’
11. Smoke On The Water
12. When A Blind Man Cries

Disc Three:
01. Highway Star
02. Demon’s Eye
03. Fireball
04. Strange Kind Of Woman
05. Child In Time
06. Speed King (U.S. Album Edit)E-A-Fire-In-The-Sky-Deluxe-Edition-2017-Whitesnake07. Black Night
08. Hallelujah
09. Emmaretta (2012 Stereo Mix)
10. The Bird Has Flown (2012 Stereo Mix)
11. Wring That Neck (a.k.a. Hard Road)
12. Kentucky Woman
13. Mandrake Root
14. Hush


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